Proud of ME……Cree’s Blog Entry

note to breatheWow, I’m writing another day. So proud of myself, learning to be consistent in things. I had a great planned day. I had a headache earlier, just going through something’s right now. After watching TD Jakes “In the mix” sermon 8/18/2013….. God gave me answers to what happened to me on Friday of last week. Nothing bad, but it happened and there is nothing I can do about it.

Anywayyyyyyy… LOL I was watching the Season Premiere of Basketball Wives tonight. As I was listening to Evelyn tell her story about her and Chad, I couldn’t help but think about her ANGER issues. How quick she was to throw a glass in someone’s face, how she smacked folks, and threw drinks. She is what I called a Basketball Wives Bully. And I’m not in NO WAY saying that she got what she DESERVED when she was head butted by her husband. No, no, no, way am I saying that. But I am saying that you get what you put out there. The part that she seem not to get is that it came back to her with a MAN…. HER HUSBAND whom she had only been married to a little over a month. This wasn’t even a PRIVATE matter, it was PUBLIC one….. everyone heard about her story. Worst than anything she has ever done to anyone. She said that she felt that everyone was saying that she got what she deserved. Can you imagine all the people she’s fell out with, laughing, talking, and happy to see her this way? Oh……..this is pay back for many people.

I hope that she sees the bigger picture here. She cried a lot, and I really felt bad for her. But she has to understand what she did to others ** terrorized* folks, she got back in a different FORM. That’s what she wasn’t expecting. You can’t go around bullying people, and think you’re going to go off and live this happy RICH LAVISH life. If she doesn’t get the bigger picture…..she’s going to find herself angrier, and in more trouble than this time. I really hope that her friends, and her time with Iyanla has helped….. we shall see. I’m routing for ya gurl.

I know I need to be in bed….. I need to take my mom to see The Butler…. she doesn’t know I’ve already seen it…. I don’t think I could tell her.

Another day and I’m doing good with my ANGER ISSUES. I’m working hard to get passed this one. I’m conscience of my thought pattern on what triggers me. I have to share this real quick funny story. When I was on my 3rd day of this, (((God is my teacher))) my daughter wanted Subway before she went home, and just next door was Jets Pizza.

I ordered pizza but stayed in the van until 15 minutes was up. Well after she got her subway, I somehow missed when she walked over to Jets to see if my pizza was ready. So after 15 minutes , I walked in and there she was. She had paid for my food and everything. When I asked her was it ready, she said No. I was shocked because it was well over 20 minutes. I went to the counter and asked the lady was a pizza for Walker ready? She looked over at the one pizza that was “waiting for its owner”, and said No….. just a few more minutes. So, I’m like okay…. before I turned around to chat with my daughter….I heard God loud and clear when he said …..”LaCrease that’s your pizza up there.” I looked over there and said in my mind ” No God, she said it wasn’t mine. LOL He said yes… that’s your pizza. I knew I heard his voice… I kept saying… No, the lady said it wasn’t ready. I knew it was, but I just didn’t want to believe it, because I could feel my heat gauge moving….. I’m about to RAISE THE ROOF! My daughter didn’t know what I was thinking, but my facial expression had totally change, she thought I was getting mad because it was taking so long. She said momma, I’m going back to the van and started smiling like…..OH BOY.

So, I’m standing there at the counter, when the lady calls 2 other people and my food was ordered before theirs. I said ummmmmm excuse me (((( in my business voice))))) to the same lady WHO TOLD ME NO MY PIZZA WASNT READY……I see that their pizza is ready…. can you please check to see if that pizza up there is mines. She said sure, went back and picked up the same pizza SHE TOLD ME NO to…. when she read the paper, and looked up at me…. I knew it WAS mines…she said ” Maam I am so sorry”. We can make you another one. I just stared at her a good 2 minutes between her handling me the pizza, and me actually grabbing it to leave. I was so MADD.

As I’m walking to the van… God is asking me…. Why are you mad? I said because my pizza was up there ALL THAT TIME. He said… but didn’t I tell you that was your pizza the moment you walked in? I said yess… but.. He said then why are you SO ANGRY? Do you think she did it on purpose? I said no… because she doesn’t know me. This was only a few weeks ago, I enjoy the questions God ask me to get to my reasons…. and when I do… its not even worth being angry. I went home and tore that pizza up!!! LOL I think that he likes to sit back with his arms crossed watching to see what I’m going to do. I was proud of myself, I felt him looking over my shoulders. Whew the test I’ve had…..its worth it, because I no longer want to be this way… NO MORE!!!! NO MORE… NO MORE NO MORE!!! ((((smiling)))) And I’m going to write about it every week to keep me on track.

My Birthday is coming up Sep 3…. I’ll be 46. Yes!

Be Blessed

COLOSSIANS 3:2-Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on earth.

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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