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Soooooo, I’m trying to get in the habit of writing daily. When you live alone you really don’t talk that much. LOL I don’t like talking on the phone, so writing is my new friend.
When I get in my quiet moods, I like to watch house hunters it really soothes and calms me all the way down. The part that bothers me is that the women always debate the men when it comes to them having a “man cave” or a room where they can go and “do them”. I’m a woman and when I’m married, I want my own room where I can read, think, watch my favorite shows too. I see so many women on this show who really don’t want their men to have their own special room. Why is that? Are they afraid that they may go to their men cave and never come out? LOL Today this man wanted a pool table room, he had to remind her about 5 times on the 30 minute program… then she said “I guess you can have a room”. *rolls my eyes at her*
Men love to shop and have nice clothes, but the women make a big deal over that too. They want the man to have the smallest closet. I know we have our boots, shoes, coats and all these purses and everything, but really women need to stop being so funny acting when it comes to men having space for their favorite things when buying a new house. Then when they divorce, she has to find a smaller place anyway. WOW WOMEN REALLY?
Guess what? I’ve been doing soooooo good when it comes to my ANGER. If you haven’t read my blog entries on ANGER. I was watching Iyanla Fix My Life and realized that my anger stems from several things. Bullying, watching people be mean to others, people talking to others all kinds of ways, mostly social issues. I felt that my dad was a bully to me, because I was different, and saw a lot of his manipulating ways early on. As I got older, I’ve always felt like a “misfit” .Even though I had a lot of friends, I didn’t always run with them. I’m the kind of person that would talk to you everyday, and not share with you the fact that I’m planning a women’s gathering, you would get the invite the same day as the others. Leaving you asking me…… why didn’t you tell me about it, I just talked with you this morning? I’m such a behind the scenes person who keep stuff to myself. This has always made me different the way I do things and set myself apart.
But anyway, getting back….As I was watching the first scenes of Lee Daniels The Butler… I felt anger coming on, my legs get to jumping, and while I’m in the middle of the anger, I ask myself what part of the anger is bothering me. And in soooooo many of my anger moments, its always because someone is mistreating someone, or intimidating them in some kinda way. I DO NOT LIKE THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! The thing that’s helping me is when I allow God to ask me in the middle of my outbreak… ” WHAT ARE YOU FEELING”? After I answer the question, immediately I feel better, because I have identified with my problem/issue. Hopefully someday I can help others to get over their issue of ANGER… Wow for that to happen… I would be in a GREAT PLACE. YESSS!!!!
I have a friend who has been sharing some things with me, and when they shared them with me, I wasn’t getting it. There are so many things they said… that I get now. Like I really get it. We have a strange friendship but it works.
Be Blessed
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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