When God speaks to me…… Cree’s Blog Entry

cosignI just absolutely LOVE when God speaks to me about a situation that I just don’t understand. 

Working at a High School with teenagers IS A JOB. There are so many students, I can’t remember half their names… LOL But I know the faces of them all. When I’m out and a see a Teenager… I’m always looking to see if they’re one of “mines”. I LOVE my job, even though its stressful… I KNOW FOR A FACT that God gave me the mentality and the gift to be able to go in Mon-Fri and break up fights, send kids to the Dean’s office, give out money when they ask, clean up after them,  make them go to class, tell them to pull of their pants, to stop cursing, to leave the gurls alone, to stop playing so much, give them hugs, and pep talks, show LOVE to them, preach to them, pull them to the side and give them a “whopping momma” talk. This job is normal for me. This is my life, this is what I do. I am cut out for this. 

I work very closely with 2 other ladies. I enjoy working and moving around a lot. I like to move around and be in different areas of the building, and so last week I got into with one of them…. she’s an older lady. I ask God why is she acting FUNNY/FUNKY to me? He told me because I get done with my work faster now, since I found a quicker way to do things. Not only that… but because I chose not to work directly with her, and also because I help out with other things that I don’t have to do. In my mind I’m like NAW.. she’s not like that. LOL Didn’t she confront me about how I haven’t been working with her lately, and that I’m doing too much “other stuff”. She is NOT my SUPERVISOR AT ALL!! I WAS SO SHOCKED… GOD WAS RIGHT * as always*. She let me have it. LOL Now that I think back on last Thursday. LOL After she blasted me out * she’s so lucky I’m working on my ANGER ISSUES* She knew I was mad at her for acting jealous. I’m not sitting next to her everyday while there is work to be done. THIS IS ALL HIGH SCHOOL RELATED THINGS THAT I DO. Then today, she sat in her chair with her legs crossed and slept FOR 30 MINS. SMH This is why I refuse to work with her in that way again. People LOVE to make things all about them. 

I came to the conclusion.. that I need my own group. I need something more personal. I’m going to come up with a plan to get my group going. But it wont be in Detroit. 

Teens these days need someone who’s going to plant seeds into their lives, who care for them, who will teach them about consequences, who will hold them accountable for their actions, who love them, and who’s going to tell them the TRUTH. I work with teens… I REFUSE to bicker with ADULTS on the JOB, when its not about them. Then when I put my head down INTO MY CELLPHONE… and not join in on the conversations…. everybody wants to know what’s wrong with “Sunshine”…. nothing… I just don’t have anything to say. I don’t want to talk about anything but KIDS. SOME adults you can’t just sit and kick it with….. you gotta keep it moving… AND I PROMISE ON A STACK OF BIBLES….. IM THAT CHICK THAT KEEPS IT MOVING!!!! This is my gift my calling, and NO ADULT WILL GET IN THE WAY OF HOW I WORK, HANDLE BUSINESS, HOW I COMMUNICATE… AND ESPECIALLY HOW FAR I GO IN ORDER TO HELP MY TEENAGERS.
Anger triggers… let me go. * wink* 

Be Blessed 

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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