Conversations with God…..Cree’s Blog Entry

thank godDear God,

As I sat here earlier watching Creflo Dollar LIVE in Bible Study, he was saying some funny stuff about this lady who always prayed for him and LOVED to serve. Then it triggered a thought about you and I. LOL LOL I realize something. LOL LOL I cant stop laughing. I noticed that the 2-3 times I ranted in September about things in my life, and how I ask you when am I coming out of this wilderness, and why this and why that. But I noticed that every time I cried and ask you 1000 questions, I got instantly sleepy. I remember so clearly those times, in the middle of my rant, you said ” take a nap La’Crease”. It was so loud and clear… I remember standing up and walking around crying, and you said it again… “take a nap LaCrease”. But I sat back down at my desk… then all of a sudden… I GOT INSTANTLY SLEEPY… I couldn’t fight it. So I got up and laid on the couch. When I woke up.. I remember (((LOL LOL))) feeling so GOOD…. but I never pieced it together until now, that you caused sleep to come upon me ALL those TIMES. LOL LOL This is the same story for all of those times. You told me to “take a nap”. I did. lol Its amazing how Creflo’s story triggered me to think about this. I was so sleepy, that I couldn’t fight it… at all. And I can fight some sleep!!!! Now that I think about it, I probably was ON the thin line with my thoughts, anger, and questions. I was so sleepy, but I still wanted to ask you questions. Wow… that is so funny to me. I know next time….. just to go and take a nap

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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