The lady who almost lost 40 years of memory * CONTINUED* Crees Blog Entry

angrycustomers*(Continued from yesterday)* Of course I wouldn’t hit an old woman, any one for that matter. But those are the thoughts that instantly came to my mind as she screamed at me while I was in the middle of helping her. I BE DAMNED IF I put up with the Fragrance of HER BITTERNESS,….. she dealt that sorry hand to herself….. I aint about to pay for that……gurlbye. 

But the LESSON in it for me was….. that it reminded me of why I left Walmart of almost 9 years in the first place. It reminded me that I was MENTALITY AND SPIRITUALLY maxed out at this kind of customer service work. In order words… being a cashier is no longer for me. She reminded me of all the lessons I learned about dealing with people like her. I have learned to fall back and to allow people to be who they were before they even entered the store. I realized and learned that its time for me to move on from this, and to move into my calling from God. At that point I realized that if I wanted to be a cashier I could easily go back to Walmart where I knew everything, knew everyone, trained cashiers, health insurance, and 401 to match. And did I mention. that I could make one phone call to the one of the 8 WALMART STORE MANGERS ( in different departments) who are my FB friends at ANY TIME to get my job back ? At that point I asked myself why am I here? This is SURELY not extra money.  LOL Just because I lived directly around the corner, and shop there daily, doesn’t mean that I should be working there, when I have absolutely no desire at all to do this type of work again. NO, NOT EVEN FOR EXTRA MONEY. I rather work with teenagers who I have to tell 11 times PER STUDENT a day to “go to class”, than to put up with GROWN ADULTS who carry the world on their shoulders, and the only way they feel it should fall off them, is on the LAPS of a cashier who didn’t see it coming………AINT GON HAPPEN. Been there DONE THAT. I rather tell a student 40 times to pull up his pants, than to tell an ADULT ONE TIME….. to not put her money on the counter to put it in my hand, as she would want her change. Its always drama with them….. ALWAYS… even with you’re speaking lessons to them, and telling the truth. 

So this morning ( Saturday) I’m going to call him * depends on if this rain stops*… because I really want to talk in person. I want to Thank him for hiring me off the streets and on the spot….. but I must continue the work of the Teens * I never quit my job at the school* and have no desire AT ALL to become a cashier PART TIME any longer. My next destination is to work at a Youth Center… and then MY own. I have to keep it moving…. I can’t go back and revisit “abandon buildings” that once LIVE AND THRIVED in my life. I appreciate all the lessons from working with the public…. but MY job in this area * cashier* IS A WRAP! 

Be Blessed 

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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