Sometimes you just gotta laugh…………Crees Blog Entry

I always hear this slide across the floor that seems as if  the man who lives over me is moving furniture around. So, everyday I sat here and tried to figure out who changes their furniture around everyday……. all day????? I kept trying to think of what in the world is this person moving around? I thought about every thing.
This one day last week… I couldn’t take it anymore, so I went upstairs to the next floor and knocked on his door. I had to fix my face to be friendly, because I didn’t want him to detect that I had an attitude * which I did in my mind*. After knocking on his door a few times, he answered ……and  that’s when I  said…. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy how are you? I live directly under you, and I keep hearing this sliding across the floor like somebody is moving furniture or something. He says with a nice smile and friendly face…. No… I’m not moving. So, I gets a peep around his house as I stayed in the doorway in the hall.Then I REALIZED THAT THIS CLOWN ANSWERED THE DOOR SITTING IN A CHAIR * who does that*?. I looked down at the chair and it had 4 WHEELS ON IT…. I SAID DO YOU SCOOT AROUND IN THAT CHAIR * MY OUTSPOKEN SELF* HE was like OH YEAHHHHHH… it must be this chair. I looked at him like BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY…. if you don’t get your chubby butt up and stop scooting around … I’mma choke YOU!!!!!!! He had nerves to be  using one of those chairs you would see  in offices . He doesn’t get up to walk… this fool scoots all day. I said um ummmmmmmmm… there is no carpet on these floors boo, that noise is irritating… He got my hint… we’re good now. * smh* LOL LOL Its funny now , but it wasn’t last week.
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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