ID Crees Blog Entry

id cree

I’m addicted to ID…Oh my goodness…. Sometimes I’m up to 4-5 am on the weekends watching these shows. Women are so gullible these days. I have so much I want to say…. this show has really changed the way I look at relationships. These online dating sites, and these needy men….. Oh WOMEN are something else too. I’ll be doing some post this week on this subject. Some of this stuff is SPOOKY. LOL LOL You can’t watch all these shows at night. LOL And I promise to very transparent. Okay….. talk later.

The video clip below is soooooooo SPOOKY TO ME.. The part at 1:37 when she covered her mouth.. OMG.  THE WAY SHE DID IT…..SO SCARY

Be Blessed

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