Women & Relationships *1* Crees Blog Entry

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I watch ID everyday. I think I’m seriously addicted to it. I can’t help but wonder what would we really know about things that happen behind the scenes in relationships without these shows giving us a inside look on how things got started.
What bothers me the most are the women who want to be LOVED, heard, needed, wanted, will put up with MANY THINGS just to be in a relationship. Many of them TOTALLY IGNORING the God inside of them… screaming… DO NOT DO IT… THIS MAN IS NOT FOR YOU. But see WOMEN…. we HOPE things get better. Even when we see signs of cheating, signs that he doesn’t want to work, signs of mental abuse and physical…. we still want to have FAITH in that person. But I’m hear to say.. aint gon happen!!!
Even if its hard for a woman to admit it…. these are signs of low self esteem. AT some point you want what’s best for YOURSELF. At the same time… a woman needs to KNOW what she will and WILL not deal with. Let me give this example: I can’t/ wont deal with a man who screams at me, or others. I like to talk things out in a voice that’s not conformational. You’re understood better, and the other person is actually listening. Because at A N Y point I detect you’re trying to LOUD talk me, proving that your voice is the loudest, while trying to shut me down…..then I will get LOUD too. This would mean.. … that whatever we’re going through won’t be heard because we’re screaming and yelling at each other. I wouldn’t recommend a person writing a list of “HOW THEY WANT THEIR MAN/WOMAN TO LOOK”… but I will say.. write out a list of things “YOU WONT DEAL WITH”. Not only that….. BUT STICK WITH IT.

Be Blessed
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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