ID got me “messed up” LOL Crees Blog Entry

Today I posted on my FB page this story:
Yesterday me and Nesha was pulling out of Starbucks, when this black guy.. maybe in his early 50’s walked almost up to the car and asked me would I drop him off someplace. My face was twisted and disfigured…. like get away from my car.

First of all… I watch too much ID to even let him ask me a question. I WISH I WOULD let a stranger in the car with me, while he sit in the back and hold a gun/knife up to me and my daughter’s head. Before he approached me… my chances of living was 100%, when you let strangers in your car…. THAT YOU DON’T KNOW… your chances of living go to 50/50. That’s one area I WILL NOT COMPROMISE. I’ll give you money, directions, advice, even food…. but to get in my car… and create a new atmosphere….. NOT GON HAPPEN.. So, I say that to say….everybody does not have good intentions. Be safe, and pay attention to your surroundings. You cannot drop everybody off someplace… just because you’re going that way.

ID has really opened my eyes………with my TOO FRIENDLY SELF.

This is real life for me. I felt in the past, that I was a very naive person. Mainly because no one has done anything to me, and I didn’t have any bad stories to share. But my daughter is apart of this new generation where people her age and younger and doing so many bad things. She is very cautious about everything, and she has really taught me a thing or two. By her working for sevral Judges, sitting in on many court cases, and just by knowing many things in the system, she knows this stuff.
So I started watching the shows that she watches, plus I’ve always been a fan of mysteries, and crime solving. But after watching them everyday, through the night, it has really started to effect me. I DO NOT PLAY anymore. I am so cautious of people. I’m telling you those shows has really taught me about people. So, after I posted my stat on FB… my customer from Walmart sent me this video that had me SCREAMING LAUGHING… See I’m not crazy and I’m not alone. LOL Watch.



Be Blessed
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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