Elevator Conversations……….((((BLOG))))


Hey Yall!!!

Sitting here listening to Anita Baker… Caught up in the Rapture ( extended version) ahh it sounds so good. The music at the end takes me outta here to blue water and clear skies. If I could live the life I sing about. Yess.

A few days ago, I shared that this guy who was in the elevator with me walked me to my car ( because he was leaving the building as well) and telling me about the KEM concert on Third and Mack on Sunday. Well this evening I guess we pulled up at the same time, but I didn’t see him. As I got out of the car and was walking through the parking lot, he was walking behind me. …..making noises. So, at first I was just going to keep walking, because so many people live here. But something told me to turn around and when I did, it was him.  LOL looking back on it… he made those noises on purpose. HE was carrying some heavy equipment and had on a work vest. As he CAUGHT up with me, I said to him… I thought you worked here* I’m so honest sometimes… I have to catch myself*.. he said a lot of people think I do… but I’m an engineer.. I’m just getting off work. He said even the staff thinks I work here too since they’re doing a lot of work in the building. As we are walking….. I’m like OH OKAY. We walked in the building together and got on the elevator * I promise its something about the elevator and myself*. Seeing that his hands were full, I asked him his floor, and after telling me he turns to me and start talking… don’t even remember what he was saying, because I REALIZE HOW FIONE HE WAS. Its funny because all the time I’ve seen and talked with him, I never paid it any attention. He always strikes up a conversation with me, and just like the others…. I KEEP IT MOVING… I’m starting to think… that’s what men like. They love/like women who keeps it moving .

Sooooooo…. my floor comes first…  as the door opens, he says.. so now you know I LIVE IN THIS BUILDING  ON THE 21 ST FLOOR….not work in it. We laughed. I get out.. ….turns around just before the door closes * they love that* and says to him… Okay you take care. He stops the elevator from closing and steps out. He held his hands out and says.. I’m Will.. and I say.. I’m Lacrease. As the door closes…. he says… I’ll see you around. And I said to myself * you sure will boo* lol Its always nice to meet new people. He wasn’t trying to push up on me or anything, he was cool… and I hope to see him soon.

I have a loooooong day tomorrow…. I may come back to post on MARRIAGE… I’m so on this subject deep.

Be Blessed!



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