50 Things About Me!((BLOG))

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Hey Family!!

Today I decided to write out 50 things about me. Sometimes in life we are constantly moving and we forget about ourselves and the things that makes us… US. Every so often I like to remind myself of who I am by writing or thinking about the things I love and enjoy. So, I am asking that YOU do the same thing. It may take you a while, but its worth writing down. Here we go!

  1. I HATE cheese. When I buy pizza its always….. NO cheese, extra sauce, sausage and pepperoni. People ask me… do you eat Macaroni and Cheese tho? NOPE!
  2. I LOVE squirrels. I sit at the park and video tape them running around playing with each other. They are the cutest. One day I hope one come into my home so I can take care of it.
  3. I had one baby. She’s 31 now and  was born on MY birthday September 3. I was born at 1:40 am at HUTZEL HOSPITAL and she was born at 1:43 am at HUTZEL HOSPITAL. My mom was in labor with me for 3 days, and I was in labor with her for 3 days. I am 19 years older than her. People told us we would never get along because we are so much alike, but we are BEST FRIENDS because WE ARE SO MUCH ALIKE. We understand each other PERFECTLY!
  4. When I clock in for work, I WORK! If I’m not feeling it, or feel as if I’ll be mean… ILL CALL IN! I refuse to go to work and make others feel the way I’m feeling. I’m a positive force at work, and I want it to stay that way, even if my money is on the line.
  5. My favorite PERFUMES in the world are….. Si by Giorgio Armani, Beautiful by Estee Lauder, Carolina Herrera 212 NYC, and Paloma Picasso by Paloma Picasso
  6. When my baby was just 3 months I got pregnant by her father again, and had an abortion never telling anyone but him and his best friend. Years and years later a customer I met wanted to have one, but I talked her into having her baby. She kept her baby, and bought him to meet me. We cried. God told me it was the right time to share my story, so that one could be saved. So glad I got out of my own way.
  7. I’m the oldest of 4. I’m 50 years old. I have 2 Sisters and 1 Brother. Each of us have only 1 child, except my baby sister she has 3 grown adults.
  8. I ABSOLUTELY HATE talking on the phone. I want eye contact, so everything with me is in PERSON.
  9. Out of all the friends that I have, I know one who is LOYAL TO HEART! GLORIA GLASS (( over 23 years of friendship))
  10. God ALWAYS tell me things before they happen. Visions, Dreams, and His Voice. He LOVES ME SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!
  11. I LOVE ICE CREAM. I eat it every week. My favorites are Haaggen-Dazs Strawberry and Butter Pecan. I love chocolate with peanuts on top.
  12. I took my first cruise last year on the Norwegian Cruise Line for 7 days, got sick one day, and the rest was filled with drinking, laughing , eating and talking.
  13. I listen to MUSIC everyday. I gotta have it. It relaxes me. It loves me and I love it.
  14. I was afraid to fly. I would take the greyhound every time I went to Chicago to be with my online Ministry group. Until our Leader told me to go in a private place so that she could pray for me over the phone. Instantly, my fear of flying was lifted by God. That same night, she bought me a flight to New York for a weekend I’ll never forget.
  15. I love trees. I enjoy looking at their “arms” and strong “legs”.
  16. Dogs, Lions and Tigers are my favorite animals. When I was a kid, I asked God when I go to Heaven can I please take care of the Lions and Tigers?
  17. Before every meal I have to have a HUGE hand full of fresh raw broccoli (( straight out of the bag)) before I start my meals.
  18. Anita Baker is my FAVORITE SINGER EVER…. PERIOD! Beyonce,  Karen Clark-Sheard, Marvin Sapp, Maxwell and The Great (RIP) Gerald Levert.
  19. I started a Teens Group for over 5 years every Summer. We met every other Sunday at my home and we talked about God, family, parents, peer pressure, personal issues, and social issues. I keep in touch with them all through FB.
  20. I held several Women’s Gathering where we came together and talked about God, marriage, being single, friendships, relationships, and many other topics.
  21. I love to write and read.
  22. When you walk into my apartment you will smell my favorite plug in scent. Cashmere Woods by Glade
  23. My favorite lotions are Razac, and Bath and Body works Eucalyptus + Spearmint EVERYTHING!!!
  24. I dont put salt in any of my food unless its something I’m putting in the oven. I hate salt because when we were kids my dad would cook and put way too much salt in the food and I couldn’t eat it.
  25. I get upset when people don’t get over when EMS and Police speed by.
  26. I love being sarcastic, people always get my humor
  27. I’m a Virgo, and I’m silly as hell
  28. When it comes to taking care of business.. I’M A BEAST at getting it done.
  29. I love to multitask. I’ll never take a boring job
  30. My favorite food is Collard Greens… PERIOD!
  31. Tyler Perry is my favorite FILM MAKER
  32. I’m currently listening to Everlasting Love by Chaka Khan
  33. I HATE washing dishes, but LOVE cleaning up the bathroom
  34. I love driving. I can do 13 hours SLEEPY! Yeaaaa I’m one of them, a BEAST!
  35. Some of the things I talk about with God is so funny. I know he says to himself…. “What am I going to do with this gurl”? LOL LOL
  36. When I was a teen I asked God for Wisdom and I know he has Blessed me with this gift, but sometimes IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII get in the way of WHAT I KNOW.
  37. I sit in my car 15-20 minutes early for work, but I punch in DURING my 9 minute grace period. (( bad bad bad LOL))
  38. I dont eat sweets, but I LOVE food.
  39. When I’m done talking or dealing with you.. I’m done. But when I’m wrong, you will hear from me asking for forgiveness. (( check your email))
  40. I wrote a love story years ago, only listening to Maxwell’s song Submerge all the way through it
  41. One of my  favorite bands is The Brand New Heavies
  42. I’m SO private, that if you THINK you know me…. YOU DON’T!
  43. I LOVE when a man sees me for the first time, and looks at me as if I was his WIFE *turn on*
  44. I love a man who smells good! Instantly my body reacts….  *ON SPOT*
  45. I miss my great grandmother so much. When I listen to BB King’s “I like to live the life I sing about”… makes me cry, cry, cry hard.
  46.  I love walking into a room and setting it off, by my smile, friendly vibe, pleasant personalty and warm Godly spirit..
  47. All of my friends and family says I can be a drama queen… not in gossip… but in how I can heighten a conversation to 100. LOL
  48. By the time I get to the first traffic light, I curse out at least 3 people in my head SMH
  49. I’m not a jealous person at all, but I saw something on YouTube by a fan, and it ROCKED ME TO THE CORE! Devastated ME something terrible! I’m just NOW getting over it.
  50.  Sep 15, 2019 ….  I hope to get my face done by Lisa P  from Texas…. Her song goes. “She’s building, she’s blending, now she bout to be BEAT!

Chopin Script Regular



Now if you know me, you know I LOVE ENTERTAINMENT. I’ve loved it since I was a young gurl. I’ve been to many NBA games.. so many concerts, and plays I can’t even keep up. Only 3 Celebrities I ever wanted to meet. Anita Baker,*did that* Gerald Levert *did that* and Tyler Perry ( still working on him lol)

Several years ago my Anita Baker friends and I met up here in Detroit as we do yearly for dinner before the concert. We’ve been meeting up for the last 7-8 years straight, and each year someone always bring a new fan to meet us. This one year, this guy name Mike was introduce to us over dinner * over 30 of us*. Mike was very down to earth, sweet as pie. Great guy, nice conversation.. we had a great time all of us during dinner, the concert and afterwards. The following week or day, we all connected with the new people on Facebook. I try to visit as many pages as I can a day, just to let my presence known. I have some really good friends on my page and value them all.

 One day I inbox Mike and asked him did he know about the Anita Baker concert in Atlanta? He said that he didn’t know about it and wanted to go. We contacted the others and since I was already going down that weekend anyway…. he was excited and so was I. We talked about getting tickets and meeting up with everyone. We were about to make HUGE PLANS. Then we got word that the concert was cancelled. That’s when I started visiting his page more often and realized who he was, and what he did. never knew that he had it going on in Entertainment like this. I tell him all the time how proud I am of him and his work. When we met he was so down to earth and the nicest guy ever. Never knowing he was a stage manager. You’d be surprised who is invited to dinner. What a wonderful person. Click the photo to see them larger.




miketasAll of these photos belong to MIKE

Again… One of my Anita Baker friends….MICHAEL whom I’ve been knowing online for years and years. At least 9-10 years. As many comments and times I’ve visited his page.. I never ever ever ever ever ever ever knew and I’m laughing too…. that he was married to Kevin Blatch.  Who is Kevin you ask? Well one day I was watching one of my FAVORITE MOVIES…. WHITE CHICS… and I made a comment on my page how I love the movie.. Michael commented *forgot what he said* and that’s when I found out that was his husband. I’ve seen so many photos of them…. but I never connected the face to my favorite movie. He played fashion icon Aubrey Allure. He says in the movie.. “Oh you are so barking up the wrong tree right now”. LOL Check him out as Judge Webber in Hell on Wheels. Michael is the taller guy. Great people, good movie!!!



Be Blessed!!!



Elevator Conversations……….((((BLOG))))


Hey Yall!!!

Sitting here listening to Anita Baker… Caught up in the Rapture ( extended version) ahh it sounds so good. The music at the end takes me outta here to blue water and clear skies. If I could live the life I sing about. Yess.

A few days ago, I shared that this guy who was in the elevator with me walked me to my car ( because he was leaving the building as well) and telling me about the KEM concert on Third and Mack on Sunday. Well this evening I guess we pulled up at the same time, but I didn’t see him. As I got out of the car and was walking through the parking lot, he was walking behind me. …..making noises. So, at first I was just going to keep walking, because so many people live here. But something told me to turn around and when I did, it was him.  LOL looking back on it… he made those noises on purpose. HE was carrying some heavy equipment and had on a work vest. As he CAUGHT up with me, I said to him… I thought you worked here* I’m so honest sometimes… I have to catch myself*.. he said a lot of people think I do… but I’m an engineer.. I’m just getting off work. He said even the staff thinks I work here too since they’re doing a lot of work in the building. As we are walking….. I’m like OH OKAY. We walked in the building together and got on the elevator * I promise its something about the elevator and myself*. Seeing that his hands were full, I asked him his floor, and after telling me he turns to me and start talking… don’t even remember what he was saying, because I REALIZE HOW FIONE HE WAS. Its funny because all the time I’ve seen and talked with him, I never paid it any attention. He always strikes up a conversation with me, and just like the others…. I KEEP IT MOVING… I’m starting to think… that’s what men like. They love/like women who keeps it moving .

Sooooooo…. my floor comes first…  as the door opens, he says.. so now you know I LIVE IN THIS BUILDING  ON THE 21 ST FLOOR….not work in it. We laughed. I get out.. ….turns around just before the door closes * they love that* and says to him… Okay you take care. He stops the elevator from closing and steps out. He held his hands out and says.. I’m Will.. and I say.. I’m Lacrease. As the door closes…. he says… I’ll see you around. And I said to myself * you sure will boo* lol Its always nice to meet new people. He wasn’t trying to push up on me or anything, he was cool… and I hope to see him soon.

I have a loooooong day tomorrow…. I may come back to post on MARRIAGE… I’m so on this subject deep.

Be Blessed!



Talk to ME :) Talk to ME :) Talk to ME :) (((((Blog)))))

2009 Essence Music Festival Presented By Coca-Cola - Day 2



Ooh, baby, baby, baby
You stand all alone on your own
Please come inside from the storm
Stand where it’s warm, I can see you’re in need
Baby, please talk to me now

Swear nothin’ is wrong, you’re so strong
Baby don’t hold this inside
Relax your pride let it go, set it free
My baby, talk to me now
What’s wrong, wrong with you?
Why don’t you tell me what you’re going through, darlin’?
What’s wrong, wrong with you?
Why don’t you tell me what you’re going through?

I can help you if you let me baby, yes I can
I understand, here’s my hand
Why stand alone in the dark open up your heart
Let this go, set it free
Now my baby, talk to me now
What’s wrong, wrong with you?
Why don’t you tell me what you’re going through, darlin’?
What’s wrong, wrong with you?
Why don’t you tell me what you’re going through?
I can help you if you let me baby, yes I can

I understand
That you’re only one man
So much you can’t take, baby
Yes, I understand that you’ve only got two hands
Stare into space
I see shadows of pain across your face
You avoid my advice
You avoid my embrace baby

What’s wrong, wrong with you?
Why don’t you tell me what you’re going through?
What’s wrong, wrong with you?
Why don’t you tell me what you’re going through?
I won’t tell a single soul
My my my baby, yeah, yeah
You got to hang on to, we got to talk about it
No doubt about it let it go, set it free, baby
I’d like to listen, I’d like to listen baby
Tell me, tell me everythin’, baby baby
I will understand, I will understand, I promise baby
Tell me now, tell me, tell me, oh
I believe, hey, hey, baby
Talk about it baby, talk to me
Don’t you hold nothin’ in baby
Don’t you hold it babe
Ain’t no reason
Ain’t no reason in the world for you to do this baby
Not like this ain’t no reason
Ain’t no reason, reason in the world

It’s Been You ( all the time)


I had a dream
A love dream so tender
You were with me old friend
We gave in to sweet surrender
Now I’ve held it in through October,
No wonder…
I never been the same since then

I picked up my phone
A million times to call you
But I lost my nerve
Cause every time I saw you
Like a lovesick kid,
Child it was my paranoia
You’d laugh, but instead
You read these thoughts inside my head
And its you…
Its been you all the time
You’re changing my whole state of mind
It took just a minute
But now that I’m in it
Its you
Its been you all the time
Like somebody turned on a light ( shine)
You’re gonna watch me shine ( boy)
Its been you all the time

[ From: http://www.metrolyrics.com/its-been-you-lyrics-anita-baker.html ]

Now when you smile
The world opens up for me
You’re just my style
And this time I do believe
We’re two of a kind
How could I be so blind
My heart, its sincere
I believe I’ve wanted you for years and years

(Repeat Chorus)

Now to think you’ve always been right here
And loneliness has been my greatest fear
Until I saw the answers in your eyes
Yes I did
And at last its clear
Now I see that
You’re the only one….for me….

(Repeat Chorus til fade)



My Anita Baker weekend!

This weekend was truly memorable. My Anita Baker Family met up in Detroit for the 5th year in a row to see Anita Baker perform live @ DTE. Many of them flew in on Thursday and a few got here the day of the concert. First night was meet and greet, we all met up at the hotel room for drinks, and cake. We had a good time taking photos, laughing, and talking about our gurl Anita Baker. Some of us went to White Castles , and many others went to Applebees for dinner. We took a lot of group photos too.

 Saturday morning many of them went to breakfast, but I met them at the movies to see Takers!!!! Good movie Ahhhhh that Virgo Idris 🙂  Um Um Um!!! Later we went back to the hotel to get ready to go to dinner @ Ruby Tuesday’s!!! We were 24 deep, and that wasnt the half of us!!! Many had to meet us at the concert because traffic was down to 1 lane going 75- North, and when I say a 10 minute ride to dinner and concert which was less than a minute away from each other, turned into 1 hour and 15 minute ride….. BELIEVE IT! Bumper to bumper! I was so irritated in my mind!! LOL 


After dinner we went to the concert and it was awesome. Anita really put on a show last night. We met with the rest of the Anita Baker Family and we showed mad love to each other. My AB FAM came from all over to see the show in Detroit because this is her hometown, and she always put on the best show here. They came from NJ, Florida, Memphis, Toronto, New York, Ohio, Baltimore ( 3 of  them), Texas (3 of them),Georgia (4 of them), Chicago and of course Detroit. After the concert, we all hugged and said our goodbyes until next year……. but something happened……. ( to be continued).

Caught up I am!!!

Hey Everyone!!!

First I have to say Thank you Jesus for these wonderful and happy days that you\’ve given me. I am so thankful for all the love that you\’ve shown me. ((((hugs and kisses))))

I know I ha vent been blogging lately, but I have been busy busy busy. Every time I wanted to say forget this and forget that, I heard this voice in my hear say… keep going Cree. I did. And for it I got so much done, blessed a lot of people , and took care of some HIGH bills!!! Paid off 2 creditors and have a coupla more to go. I remember back in the *day*, I would use this credit card, and use that one with no intentions of paying them back. I was young and careless. Now credit is important to me. Even though I just got my * bill of good health* for a bill totaling almost $900.00, I\’m ready for the next one. I want to clear my name and move on you know? Momma use to always tell me about the importance of good credit…… now I see.

My dad moved last week into his new apartment * without mom* its all good. Everyone is on good terms and sometimes things change, and you have to be willing to change with it. If not your feelings could be hurt and left behind. It took me a long time to realize that things do change, and its okay. Its okay it really is, but also learn something from it, don\’t just experience it, learn from it and tell others. My dad is something * different too*. Its 4 of us including my mom 5, and please don\’t include the grand kids 22 -13. This is how my dad is. He will call me and ask me to pick up his prescriptions on Sunday, call my Sister Yolanda on Sunday night and ask her to take him to the doctor on Monday, then on Tuesday ask my other sister will she go grocery shopping for him, on Wednesday ask my mom to bring him a few dollars, on Friday he\’ll ask my brother to take him to the store for cigs, then on Saturday, he\’ll plan his next week. LOL Its not funny at all, but it kinda is, cause it took us a while to catch on to what he does. So now we tell him look, we are going to go get your cigs, groceries, lottery and what ever else you need in one day. So we ask my mom why he does this, she says he\’s lonely … I think he wants to be waited on hand and foot like he had it when we were kids and my mom was with him. AT any rate, he\’s still my dad, and I love him.

Tell me you guys saw Anita Baker do a tribute to Mary J. Blige with my baaby Tyler Perry sitting front and center * with Trina from WDIGM * It was one of the best performances Anita has done on TV. The lady is bad.See I go to her concerts every year so I knew what to expect, but for those fans who thought she was gone for good, they know Anita Baker ain\’t going no where!!!! Oh I watched it on my DVR so many times, I\’m surprised that thang aint popped!! LOL Mary cried, I cried, Tyler was geeked when Anita said his name and so WAS I!!! In case you missed these performances here they are……..




I have so many friends coming to Detroit this Summer because Anita lives here in Detroit and she put on the best show you EVA wanna see, and I\’ll be there. When it comes to people like Anita Baker, Tyler Perry and Maxwell I am faithful. I love and admire their work and I make sure that I am there to support them in everything they do.

My Sister moved into her new place. Oh its so nice. I just love it. Its a nice size too just enough for her boo and kids. All my parents kids live near each other. All the gurls are all 3 minutes away. My brother lives downtown in a beautiful high rise building over looking the whole downtown area. Its da bomb!!!

Yesterday I went out and bought 9 tickets to the Advance showing of Madea Goes to Jail for Thursday night @ 12:01 am. Me my sisters my brother ,and a few others. I have to go and get one more ticket tomorrow before they sell out. People love Madea, I can\’t wait to laugh and most importantly learn some Words of Wisdom from Ma 2 da D E A!

I have a good friend on You tube who is just adorable. She has her * own show* as Id like to call it, and here is her link if you like to see what he show is about.

YouTube – thatswhyipraiseyou\’s Channel

I\’m gone take to ya later. God Bless