Spiritually Speaking/BLOG


In this season… its time I drive down “another street”….in all areas of my life. Yes…. Spiritually Speaking. The blocks and detours I’ve been hitting….. can’t work for me anymore. I see the “potholes” and I’m tired of dodging. 

I had so much on my mind tonight, I thought my head was going to burst open…..yeah.. its that deep.  I had to take 2 Advils. I forgot when it gets this way * not often*… I can write to release it. Some things aren’t worth sharing with anyone because its good to sort it out for yourself. I know that when I read it next week or next month, I’m going to laugh because I went through many emotions while writing. Some funny and some will hurt feelings. But the main thing is.. I got it out of my head.

On my way to bed…. Night 🙂

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