Just checking in…/BLOG


Hey Family!!!!

Just wanted to check in right quick. I’m almost at 30,000 views Wow!!!

 I caught my normal Nov cold as I have been having since I was a young gurl. My body does the same thing month after month. I ‘m so in touch with it. I was ready for this cold. All I need to fight  <MINES> is Cold-Eeze. I can’t explained what these boys do to me. Some people have to take about 2-3 different things to fight their colds. One year I was so sick with a cold, I remembered a Cold-Eeze commercial where it says if it doesn’t work, you get your money back. Baaaby when they claim that… it means it works. LOL So, I sent Nesha to get me some and OH MY GOODNESS…. I’ve been using them for 3 years straight. I don’t need anything else. They say its the Zinc that’s in it that helps clear up the cold. It works for me.. I’m feeling good right now.

I’m having minor MEN problems. I really don’t understand some of them. LOL I’m trying to figa ( yeah figa) out how are you married … separated true enough.. and still trying to have a gurlfriend? I just don’t get that math when you’re in your 40’s. I’ve been down that street before… I’m not doing that anymore. So, since I’m not sitting on the passenger side of “THAT RIDE”… he wont take my phone calls.. HAHAHAHAHA … please!!! #hatetalkingonthephone #donthavetobebothered #itworkedoutformygood #seeyaonjudgementdaybro

 I guess I really don’t have much to write about tonight. I have some running to do in the morning. Been staying to myself and “doing me” lately, that’s always a plus. Things are finally looking up for me. I’ll be so glad when I get my own car again, I’ve been using my daughters car. I miss my Town and Country. Um um um.. I loved that van and want another one.

Alright, let me go. Chat with you all later. Cree

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  1. So you think I’m stupid huh? You want your cake and have my pies on the side huh? Since I’m not with it you like forget it huh? Don’t nobody have time for him or Juvinelle, yall both out-dated. Can’t stand when men try to insult you to your face and act like its suppose be okay! He don’t deserve your precious time or energy. Boy bye!!! Boaz awaits!!!

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