A little talk with God/BLOG



Just finish having a talk with God. Last year this time, I was about to get a phone call that our job had been eliminated. The day before Thanksgiving. Wow. Thinking about how God makes me laugh because of the things I asked him for are coming to pass. Its so funny because you have to pay attention to him because you can look up and its happening. I’m still just looking around my life saying God are you serious? For real? So, I went through all of that…… for this? Really? Me? Cree? I can have this? This is for me? You approved this for my life? I know all things pass through your desk… but is this for me? Okay… I’ll take it!!!

I remember back in my 20’s when God would Bless me, I would ask.. but what about my friends? Little did I know he was blessing them and they were taking it… probably not even asking where is LaCrease’s. LOL The point I’m making is… I love my  friends… but this is my time. I had to do a lot of computer work today.. well since Thursday. I worked/sat at a desk from 8:55 am  this morning, until 7:00 pm and still needed more time.  Wasn’t even tired… especially when I’m focused on something. So tomorrow morning, I’ll go into work at 8:30 until 5.


Got invited to a Red Carpet Premiere tonight at work .. yessss my Virgo gurl is in town!!! I really wanted to see her in person too. But I had so much work to do. I’ll regret it later, because all I had to do was walk 20 seconds from where I was working. Nice guest list too. Oh well.. off to bed for another long day.

Be Blessed!!!

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