Hey Yall!! :)/BLOG

Just checking in Family!! My Bride Below


The wedding is this Saturday. I”m excited. As soon as this one is over… ASAP I’m starting on my good friend Tasha’s Wedding. I’m so happy for her. She’s ready for me now, told her that when this one is over, we can get started. I learned so much so far from this wedding with the help of my friend Gloria. Im sooooooooooo glad that I have a open heart to LEARN and not act like I know everything,,, because I don’t! I’m just soaking it all up. I have a lot to share for other brides to be, as soon as I can catch my breath!!! Its funny how you look at the ways you can grow AND YOU DO IT!!! I REALLY LEARNED A LOT. Thank you Jesus. We’ll, I just finished up the guest list, and also the wedding day check list for my Bride. Its 3:52 am and I have one more thing to do before bed. I hope to write again soon, but this week is looking soooooooooooooooooooooooo busy!!! Did I mention that I’ve started writing a Chapter a day for my book too. YESSSSSS… Its going to be a BLESSING TO WOMEN EVERYWHERE! Once I write on a topic… I get it in!!!! It spills out of my head so quickly.

Alright gotta go!


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