Slight Vent


Hey family

Just laying here in bed thinking. The wedding 💍💍is Saturday actually tomorrow and I have to get my hair done eyelashes my nails and I’ll be glad when this is over so that I can start my next project .  I also haven’t been able to sleep when I get off work through the night I usually come home and catch up on my shows that I DVR and I usually get to sleep maybe about seven I get up at 8:30 to run errands  every Monday through Friday and then I sleep until 430 5:00 PM and then I’m ready to start my night over again at work. 😎

I’m also just laying here thinking about things that God gives me to see ahead of time. And no matter what I always tried to warn the person before hand because I can see these things. And so when they come to pass the same people come to me to vent or they want me to listen or whatever the reason is  And I feel so bad because I don’t have the patience to listen to the vent. I feel bad  these things happened to them because they have to face the consequences. And there’s nothing I can do. So my prayer is God give me the patience  to be able to listen when these people come back and need to talk because I feel kind of bad when I don’t want to listen to it.   I am not perfect and I want someone to listen to me as well so I’m asking you to help me in this area because when you reveal things to me and it come to pass it makes me feel some type of way.😳

OK I don’t want to start rambling is 3:47 AM and I really need to be sleep. So good night I love you all will post photos of the wedding Saturday tonight Sunday morning.



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