Detroit is on the COMEBACK 2016

I’m so HAPPY to be with my PARENTS and my SIBLINGS here in Detroit. Not to mention GREAT FRIENDS. I wanted a change and was tired of the crime. But I soon found out.. Crime is EVERYWHERE.

I live DOWNTOWN and I LOOOOOOOOVE what I see Happening! Detroit is my home forever! 🙂 Sorry I even left for a minute. I’m excited about the comeback of MY CITY! 🙂

Detroit named one of 2016’s hottest cities

List released by Business Insider

Posted: 4:44 AM, December 16, 2015 Updated: 4:50 AM, December 16, 2015


DETROIT – It turns out Detroiters aren’t the only ones talking about the city’s revival.

Business Insider has picked Detroit for its list of 2016’s Hottest Cities.

Detroit made the list of 13 cities based on expectations the Motor City will be booming next year because of factors including new jobs and the art and food scene.

Detroit is also being recognized for a boost in tourism and home prices being on the rise.

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