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Soooo, I’ve made it my BUSINESS to watch American Idol the last season a MUST DO. I have watched it faithfully since Day 1 of the auditions. That’s the only way I can stay focus and true to the contestants. I haven’t missed one show since. When I tell you they have some of the best singers out there….. believe me! I am hooked on several of them, but the one who has got all my attention is La’Porsha Renae. OMG This gurl is a POWER HOUSE!!

She has no idea that she doesn’t even belong there….. then again.. maybe she does. No matter how this voting turns out….. SHE ALREADY HAS A CONTRACT. Any producer, record exec watching this show would be a FOOL not to be in her DM’s and Inbox. When she sung Diamonds.. I watched her performance over 75 times.. I promise I did! Is something wrong with me? LOL Nope, cause when I read the comments others did too! LOL

I kept asking myself what is it about her performance that makes me watch it over and over and over again? I got it! No other person than ANITA BAKER can make me feel a song the way that they do. Fantasia is 3rd, but I may have to say….. she just might be my #1 Female singer. Im a person thats full of emotion. When I speak people listen, when I write they read. When I enter the room, they want to know who am I.And so by me being this person, certain music MOVES ME. It may speak to my future HUSBAND..  or the way I’m feeling at the time and no one knows. It may be the song to my heart. In other words.. LaPorsha sung Diamonds in a way that moved me so deeply, words can’t even describe. That’s  the way I see myself speaking to my husband. Ah…. it was just beautiful! BEAUTIFUL!!! I love this gurl!!! Yess!

Here is a interview she did recently, and this is more of the reason why I can appreciate where she came from. CLICK THE LINK BELOW!




La’Porsha Renae is the FINAL AMERICAN IDOL!




I am La’Crease and I don’t have to do anything else!

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