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I don’t know what it is about MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, that makes people feel some kinda way. If/When I stay to myself and mind my own business, something is wrong. because I get along with everyone and have a strong personality, but it seem “off” that I’m not talking. If I’m talking to everyone, then someone always feel that I’m leaving them out.No matter what I do, I can’t win, and with WOMEN… I don’t try too.

My managers like me because I do my work and don’t talk back. I don’t want trouble. I LOVE PEACE. Its disrespectful to talk back to those who are in charge. If I don’t want to work, ILL CALL IN. Simple! I don’t go to work to throw fits, or look sad to get asked ” what’s wrong” so that I can complain. I don’t have sad stories or a funky attitude when I walk in the door. I don’t talk about people and be clicked out. I don’t run behind managers and try to be their pet. People like me, because I can talk to them,  KEEP EVERY WORD PRIVATE, and keep it moving. I don’t like drama, or confusion…. because I DON’T HAVE IT IN MY PERSONAL LIFE. If I don’t have those issues with my family and friends at home, AIN’T NO WAY IN HELL.. am I going to have it with co-workers who I see more than 9 hours a night.

It bothers me to no end when someone pulls me to the side and say” I’m acting different”. Then when I asked well how, and they say because its favoritism and division.Just say…. that me and my manager get along very well. I have my own area where I AM ALONE until a coworker come and talk to me. I CANNOT LEAVE MY AREA AT ALL. So, when people come to my area, of course we’re going to talk. Thing is, its always PERSONAL home matters, people feel they can talk to me, and THEY KNOW ITS GOING TO STAY WITH ME.So, I guess that looks like Im apart of a clique because I talk to several people and get alone with them. I don’t fall out with coworkers, but I did last night/this morning because of how she feels that I changed. Thing is, she is the one who is always always complaining, so of course Im the yes manager, I’ll do it, it makes me look like Im the favor worker.

Another thing, I’ll be 49 in a few weeks. I’m older, people look at me as a AUNTIE, and a Sister. People enjoy talking to me about personal and serious issues. I’m east to talk with. NO ONE calls me because I’m very guarded with my personal life. No visiting me at home and no calling my phone. At work, Ill do my work and be a listening ear and I love to laugh and talk mess. Nobody is the boss of me. I do my own thing, and I’m cool with everybody. So what you don’t get along, deal or talk to everybody. That’s cool, that’s fine, but don’t say me, this person that person, her, her and her are close because we talk the most. And maybe so… SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO WHAT! But you are quick to say… I don’t mess with nobody in her like that.

But I thought about it driving home… I know what it is. My boss is a VIRGO just like me. We can laugh with you one minute and the next say.. “Okay I need for us to get back to work, you do this, you do that, and you come with me.”  People DO NOT like that!!!! I’m the same way. You wont see me laughing all the time. I know how to have my boss as my friend and as MY BOSS. I know how to separate business from friendship.She gets with me too. If she tells me to do something, so expects for me to do it. You won’t hear of us falling out, because we are both private, and we know how to conduct ourselves.

My BFF (( she works with me)) says I’m mean when I’m working.. no its not that, its that I’m not smiling and laughing like she’s use to me doing. This is BUSINESS. I need to speak in a different tone (( not bossy or disrespectful)) but in a way people get it. I make my job look easy, because I don’t complain or ask for help… I JUST GET IT DONE!!!

People DO NOT like 2 LEADERS  walking, talking, laughing, and having fun together. Its intimidating to them. They always feel like others are talking about them, when truth be told …..Its enough going on in MY life (( good)), to NEVER mention you/anybody EVER!!! But oh I can’t say that because feelings would be hurt. Even though that’s MY TRUTH . If La’Crease say’s something, I’m hurting their feelings, if La’Crease order lunch with someone who went to pick it up, ITS… they didn’t ask me. PETTY SHIT. I cant stand pettiness. If Lacrease take her lunch first, its because the manager want to take it with her. If LaCrease take her lunch last, then that means she wants to take hers last so that it would be almost time to punch out. It all boils down to 2 Leaders in our own right vibing together, DOING OUR WORK, without complaining and whining. We just DO IT! So its going to always look to the whiner, that she plays favoritism when I’m doing my work, and they’re whining. Its unreal how people can be so jealous. But instead of saying…. I wish we could spend more time, they use the favoritism card.But then in the same breath…. say… I don’t talk to nobody around here anyway like that…((rolls eyes)).

Thats the same reason why I deal with a few people outside of my workplace. Women are so jealous and petty. SMH

I can give you silly.IMG_1693.JPG

and I can give you BUSINESS


Any typos.. I’ll fix later.. Im sleepy and cross-sided



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