Life Lessons @ 49

Ten things I learned in my life (( I’ll be 50 next year))
1. Opinions are NULL AND VOID, when it’s not your story to begin with. Opinions are conversations about something that always pertain to others and not YOU. Opinions are a voice of hot air, that holds no truth. Opinions often comes from people who don’t share their own personal experiences, because they don’t want you to form one about them.
2. Peace is something you DEMAND! You have the power to transfer it to others. Peace is something you work at, a goal, a daily mindset. If you don’t have Peace at home, its because you cater to chaos, and it will show up in your personal life. Ask God for it, I DEMAND it  for MYSELF!
3. If you raise your child by the standards of God, when they’re older, you won’t have to worry so much about the choices they make, because you taught them well. Don’t give them “the world” because they’ll expect the world to owe them something when you’re no longer raising them.
4. Each friendship and each relationship is here to teach you a LESSON. Ask God why so much pain? Ask him why so much happiness? Never regret who came into your life. Experience is better than OPINIONS any day. Carry the lessons into all your relationships and make better choices.
5. Love is everything.  If we work at a job for years, or a few days, be nice and kind to another…. WE ARE JUST PASSING THROUGH. I want to see God face to face for MYSELF, and if he says I’m going to bring you all the people you came in contact with in your whole life, and based on how YOU MADE THEM FEEL, that’s your JUDGEMENT… HEAVEN OR HELL, what would it be… Oh yes.. you know the answer right now. So, I say Love each other, be mad for a moment if you need too, but make up. Love and family is Everything.
6. Holding grudges or not forgiving someone is like carrying the person/issue around in your purse or pocket. Its not going anywhere. Until you change your purse ((heart)) and decide to leave it out ((forgive)), that’s one thing you wont have to carry. I had to learn that. Now, don’t fool YO SELF, if you say you’re not carrying it around, but haven’t forgiven that person, ITS THERE! And whenever you need to make it known, you know just where to start.
7. There is so much hate, discord, dysfunction going on in the world. I asked God what are you going to do about this? Don’t you see this? He said yes, I do. People look to MAN (( POLICE))  to send their friends to jail, (( not going to happen)) to the lawyers to send them to jail (( not going to happen))  but its MEEEEEEEEEEEEE, who have the final say. Don’t look for Justice in the court system, I’ll take care of that. Now, LaCrease, do you trust me? Yes, I do!

8. I learned how to use my mind and a different way of thinking to come to conclusions that fit my situation.
For example: When I was in a relationship that wasn’t for me, I imagined eating hair grease whenever I thought about him. I knew he was not the one for me, so at SOME POINT, I had to ask MYSELF… everyday I’m eating this hair grease, its not healthy, it doesn’t taste good, and its making me sick, if eating this gives me the same effects of this man, then I will no longer be in his life. Now, if you’re in a good relationship, and you love cake (( for example)) it taste good, it smells good, it looks good, and its affordable….. then that’s what you eat! Use your mind!!!
9. I realized that I’m almost 50 and half way through. I know that God will be calling me HOME… OOO yall there is NO PLACE LIKE HOME… death will NOT scare me. I HAVE NO CHOICE but to get right, cause this “down here” aint what I want. All the arguing, debating, fussing and nutting up I do from time to time…. yea I cuts up. lol will be coming to an end. I don’t want God saying to MEEEE, um yeah.. Imma need you to step to the side cause I have to re review “your tape”. I want him to say Creeee come on IN, we’ve been waiting on you! There are some things I need to work on and I’m doing that now. I want him to say “Well done my good and faithful servant”.
10. Growing up my momma use to share all her childhood secrets with me and I use to LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that time she shared with me. I use to love waking up knowing that her secret was safe with me. She trusted me, and till this day, that means everything to me. I never in a million years would know that started something within me. People come to me all the time and talk to me as if they know I know how to keep their business PRIVATE. Its a disrespect for you to come ask me about MYYYYYYYY friends, and what they shared with me. I never knew that I would talk to so many people about so many different things. And I love it because it was already in me from growing up. I am a listener, I give advice and I love helping people solve their own issues. I know this is what I’m here to do.

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