Met a Woman today

src=\”\” Thank you Lord for another day.   Got up this morning took Neisha to school, came home watched a little of Superman, and dosed off. Woke up to some Tim Horton\’s glazed donuts, and hot chocolate. Dosed back off, phone kept ringing, bills collector\’s calling like they know me personally. Instead of them sayingContinue reading “Met a Woman today”

Men, I just don\’t understand them sometimes

src=\”\” Yeah aint he fine? But looks don\’t make a woman understand how a man thinks! This guy that I use to kick it with I wont say his name. He\’s is married but seperated for over 4 years. When he was going through the seperation he would call me  for advice. He would cry onContinue reading “Men, I just don\’t understand them sometimes”