Caught up I am!!!

Hey Everyone!!!

First I have to say Thank you Jesus for these wonderful and happy days that you\’ve given me. I am so thankful for all the love that you\’ve shown me. ((((hugs and kisses))))

I know I ha vent been blogging lately, but I have been busy busy busy. Every time I wanted to say forget this and forget that, I heard this voice in my hear say… keep going Cree. I did. And for it I got so much done, blessed a lot of people , and took care of some HIGH bills!!! Paid off 2 creditors and have a coupla more to go. I remember back in the *day*, I would use this credit card, and use that one with no intentions of paying them back. I was young and careless. Now credit is important to me. Even though I just got my * bill of good health* for a bill totaling almost $900.00, I\’m ready for the next one. I want to clear my name and move on you know? Momma use to always tell me about the importance of good credit…… now I see.

My dad moved last week into his new apartment * without mom* its all good. Everyone is on good terms and sometimes things change, and you have to be willing to change with it. If not your feelings could be hurt and left behind. It took me a long time to realize that things do change, and its okay. Its okay it really is, but also learn something from it, don\’t just experience it, learn from it and tell others. My dad is something * different too*. Its 4 of us including my mom 5, and please don\’t include the grand kids 22 -13. This is how my dad is. He will call me and ask me to pick up his prescriptions on Sunday, call my Sister Yolanda on Sunday night and ask her to take him to the doctor on Monday, then on Tuesday ask my other sister will she go grocery shopping for him, on Wednesday ask my mom to bring him a few dollars, on Friday he\’ll ask my brother to take him to the store for cigs, then on Saturday, he\’ll plan his next week. LOL Its not funny at all, but it kinda is, cause it took us a while to catch on to what he does. So now we tell him look, we are going to go get your cigs, groceries, lottery and what ever else you need in one day. So we ask my mom why he does this, she says he\’s lonely … I think he wants to be waited on hand and foot like he had it when we were kids and my mom was with him. AT any rate, he\’s still my dad, and I love him.

Tell me you guys saw Anita Baker do a tribute to Mary J. Blige with my baaby Tyler Perry sitting front and center * with Trina from WDIGM * It was one of the best performances Anita has done on TV. The lady is bad.See I go to her concerts every year so I knew what to expect, but for those fans who thought she was gone for good, they know Anita Baker ain\’t going no where!!!! Oh I watched it on my DVR so many times, I\’m surprised that thang aint popped!! LOL Mary cried, I cried, Tyler was geeked when Anita said his name and so WAS I!!! In case you missed these performances here they are……..


I have so many friends coming to Detroit this Summer because Anita lives here in Detroit and she put on the best show you EVA wanna see, and I\’ll be there. When it comes to people like Anita Baker, Tyler Perry and Maxwell I am faithful. I love and admire their work and I make sure that I am there to support them in everything they do.

My Sister moved into her new place. Oh its so nice. I just love it. Its a nice size too just enough for her boo and kids. All my parents kids live near each other. All the gurls are all 3 minutes away. My brother lives downtown in a beautiful high rise building over looking the whole downtown area. Its da bomb!!!

Yesterday I went out and bought 9 tickets to the Advance showing of Madea Goes to Jail for Thursday night @ 12:01 am. Me my sisters my brother ,and a few others. I have to go and get one more ticket tomorrow before they sell out. People love Madea, I can\’t wait to laugh and most importantly learn some Words of Wisdom from Ma 2 da D E A!

I have a good friend on You tube who is just adorable. She has her * own show* as Id like to call it, and here is her link if you like to see what he show is about.

YouTube – thatswhyipraiseyou\’s Channel

I\’m gone take to ya later. God Bless



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