Home Dreaming 8/Entertainment Room/BLOG

Entertaining-movie style….. in a dark or light “sleepy” atmosphere is like no other place to be. While being cozy… it can be challenging to stay awake in these beautiful rooms.

Home theater with stadium seating with sofas in dark grey color scheme and wood panel wall.

Brown and beige color scheme home theater room with individual leather chairs in stadium seating format

Burgundy color scheme home cinema room with black leather chairs, stadium seating and classical cinema lighting

Large brown and black home theater viewing room with white trim and black leather reclining chairs

Large stadium seating in luxury home theater and media room

Picture of cozy and simple home entertainment room

Picture of stadium seating home theater room

Futuristic home TV theater with dark ceiling, stadium seating and red chairs

Luxury home theater with rich red carpeting, reclining suede theater chairs and crown molding

I Saw It In Her/BLOG

She wrote on her FB page today: The older I get, the less I care about who likes me and who don’t. I’m almost certain I don’t have as many “FRIENDS” as I thought and I’m perfectly fine with being the outcast. I never blended well with regular ppl anyways..just don’t be fake with it.. anywho back to bed I go! Have a good day ppl (p.s. Plz utilize the unfriend button so I can add new ppl I’m at capacity) 😑 thank you

I’m so happy she finally got it!!! When I first met this young lady at my old job…. it was something about her. I told her… you are a LEADER… you have the POWER to change things, and lead people. As I looked at the “puzzled” look on her face… I knew she wasn’t getting it. She even admitted that she felt there was nothing special about her. That was just fine with me, because I knew one day she would get it. I see her growth with each stat she post…… she is discovering sooner than later what I told her. I’m so proud of where she is in her life today, and I’m going to enjoy seeing her grow to the FULL BLOWN FLOWER God wants her to be.


Elevator Conversations……….((((BLOG))))


Hey Yall!!!

Sitting here listening to Anita Baker… Caught up in the Rapture ( extended version) ahh it sounds so good. The music at the end takes me outta here to blue water and clear skies. If I could live the life I sing about. Yess.

A few days ago, I shared that this guy who was in the elevator with me walked me to my car ( because he was leaving the building as well) and telling me about the KEM concert on Third and Mack on Sunday. Well this evening I guess we pulled up at the same time, but I didn’t see him. As I got out of the car and was walking through the parking lot, he was walking behind me. …..making noises. So, at first I was just going to keep walking, because so many people live here. But something told me to turn around and when I did, it was him.  LOL looking back on it… he made those noises on purpose. HE was carrying some heavy equipment and had on a work vest. As he CAUGHT up with me, I said to him… I thought you worked here* I’m so honest sometimes… I have to catch myself*.. he said a lot of people think I do… but I’m an engineer.. I’m just getting off work. He said even the staff thinks I work here too since they’re doing a lot of work in the building. As we are walking….. I’m like OH OKAY. We walked in the building together and got on the elevator * I promise its something about the elevator and myself*. Seeing that his hands were full, I asked him his floor, and after telling me he turns to me and start talking… don’t even remember what he was saying, because I REALIZE HOW FIONE HE WAS. Its funny because all the time I’ve seen and talked with him, I never paid it any attention. He always strikes up a conversation with me, and just like the others…. I KEEP IT MOVING… I’m starting to think… that’s what men like. They love/like women who keeps it moving .

Sooooooo…. my floor comes first…  as the door opens, he says.. so now you know I LIVE IN THIS BUILDING  ON THE 21 ST FLOOR….not work in it. We laughed. I get out.. ….turns around just before the door closes * they love that* and says to him… Okay you take care. He stops the elevator from closing and steps out. He held his hands out and says.. I’m Will.. and I say.. I’m Lacrease. As the door closes…. he says… I’ll see you around. And I said to myself * you sure will boo* lol Its always nice to meet new people. He wasn’t trying to push up on me or anything, he was cool… and I hope to see him soon.

I have a loooooong day tomorrow…. I may come back to post on MARRIAGE… I’m so on this subject deep.

Be Blessed!



Sisters Only/ Weight Loss Update/ Detroit is Home for Me



 Every time I think about being back home in Detroit from Atlanta…. I’m reminded of all the things that I’ve helped out with concerning my family, that I wonder how things would have turned out, had I not been here. I must say, since God said so first…”I am exactly where I’m suppose to be”. I love Atlanta, and I wouldn’t mind having my own apartment there, but for now…. Downtown Detroit is home for me… and after 2 years…. I’m finally okay with that.

 I’ve lost a total of 20 pounds!!! Yes! Walking Mon-Fri has really helped me to come down. The part that makes me happy is that whenever I hang with family and over eat, I know how to get back in the ring and get it off. I know how to eat, and I pay attention to my body. Its a challenge to me to reach a goal. I still have a long ways to go, but its challenging getting there…which is not so bad.

I’ve been hanging with my Sisters this past week. I love them so much. I want to put together a gathering for Sisters Only. But if you’re an only child and have a good friend who you call a Sister, that would be just fine to attend. I found out that when you get along well with the Siblings you grew up in the home with everyday , that you’re likely to get along with other women easily. For me…. I will never ever engage into a disagreement or anything physically with another woman… my thought is this…. if I don’t fight or fall out with THE SISTERS I LIVED IN THE HOUSE WITH EVERYDAY AS KIDS… why would I give negative energy and time into women outside of them? To me…. that’s equivalent to SUICIDE. Now that’s my thought on it. I’m so happy that it doesn’t have to be that way, because I have great friendships, and I LOVE all of my friends dearly.

In putting together “Sisters Only”… I want to teach women that its okay to have debates and arguments with your sisters because of difference of opinion. I’ve learned that my sisters and I have debates a lot because we ARE DIFFERENT.  But our LOVE  for each other is so strong, that debates and opinions HAS NEVER OUTWEIGHED that day and time of being together. Its not important to carry the difference of opinion into the next day, or month. For us, its not about being “right”.. its only about being able to express how we each feel. Lets be real…. we all feel like we’re right. After we debated it out and it dies down… we laugh, talk about who was the loudest, who had the best point and then its over. I think Sisters Only will help sisters to understand each other better. That is okay… that you’re not on the same page all the time.

I just had to post the above photo. I remember my momma giving us that eye. LOL We use to be scared… we knew if we didn’t stop what we were doing bad, it was on and poppin. Hehehehe

Be Blessed

Weight Loss Update!!! Yalp she doing that!!!! (((((Blog)))))



Just wanted to stop in and update you all on my weight loss. Yessss!!! This journal of losing weight is all in our heads… I promise it is. I can’t say that its easy, but once you see what trigger your eating, you will be able to control and be conscience if what you eat. You have to really plan your meals ahead of time. Shop by the week if you can.. because you’ll most likely cook what you buy and have at home and if you plan your days , you will have a grip on your food intake.

Right now I’m between clothes. All my outfits that I wore last summer, I cant wear anymore. They are too big, and if I try to wear them anyway, they look like I’ve slept in them. On my way out with mommy again today.. and I’m like omgggg what am I wearing? LOL I love having to say that because I am looking at so many clothes with the tag on them, and I will soon be in them all.

Another thing about losing weight too. I use to be the type of person who hate to let go of people, and things in my life. And I always said * so crazy thinking about it* that I loved many of my outfits so much that I didn’t want to lose weight. Craaaaazy!!!! I have no love for those clothes anymore. I cant wait to be out of them. What kind of thinking is that? I’m glad and happy to be out of them so that I can constantly be going to other sizes.

Since I started the May  & June Challenge May 7, I lost a total of 14 pounds!!!! My highest weight ever… I loss a total of 34 pounds!!!! WOW… I’m tooooooo beautiful inside and out for this weight!!!

I am so proud of Tamela Mann… look at this WOMAN OF GOD… will ya?


Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God. – Dr. Maya Angelou

Six Flags over New Orleans… * my thoughts* :( (((((Blog)))))


I love Amusement Parks….and even though I don’t like to ride roller coasters or rides that’s high in the sky. I’ve always had a connection to the actual park.

The park to me in MY mind reminds me of a place where there is laughter, fun screams, eating, walking, photo taking, water, shows, and of course rides. When I was a kid I use to wonder what do the rides do after all the guest are gone. Do they rest and sleep? Do they talk to each other? Are they happy to have people ride them, because its their ” PURPOSE” in life? I’ve always had a wild live imagination when it comes to this topic. People say I’m crazy for these thoughts, but I believe with all my heart, that when Parks close down for good, its a sadness that lurks over it. The Spirit of it is gone. In my crazy mind, I feel that the rides are sad and depress that it has no lively hood anymore. No more children to make laugh, no more screaming . The smell of food no longer fills the air.

I always wondered that if I walked through an abandoned Amusement Park, would I be able to feel the Spirits that once visited there? I’m always watching YouTube videos of Amusement Parks… but this one.. really got to me. 😦 Six Flags over New Orleans. I wish I could wake up the rides and nurse them back to health from Hurricane Katrina. Ill get the kids and families back on the rides again. I can see Roller coasters happy, swings swinging, music playing, kids running, parents smiling, food cooking.

Please watch this video with me. Remember to feel the Spirit of Happiness!!

Be Blessed!

Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God. – Dr. Maya Angelou

Jealousy………… ((((((((((Blog))))))))))

Friday night my 2 sisters and I went out to dinner at Applebees…. we sat for 5 hours talking and catching up on our lives. We were having many conversations but the one that stood out the most was the fact that we’re not jealous when it comes to being in a relationship. For me I was never a jealous person until I met my daughters father. Before him I was never insecure. I knew I was pretty, had a great family, nice personality… but when I met him and having to deal with all the women. It made me a bitter person. It took me years to get over him and over the way the relationship made me feel. Over the years I met some pretty good men, that always made me feel so loved and so wonderful. I never had to deal with jealousy again.

The reason why I’m writing this is to say to my Sisters out there. Know you’re beautiful. Know that you are loved by God no matter how a man make you feel. Know that if you have to be in a relationship that makes you have to always look over your shoulders because of other women, or have to fight or go back and forth…. please don’t waste anytime getting help, or leaving that relationship. What woman in their right mind want to feel jealous and insecure of another woman? Women these days lose themselves in a marriage or in a unmarried relationship. You have to still love your life and enjoy it.

Let me say this too…. Sisters, you have to do your part in making your man feel secure. When you start trying to make him jealous, then one day down the line, it just maybe you….. who gets jealous . That’s a dangerous game to play. Find ways to entertain yourselves while he’s not around. Visit family and friends….. Don’t build your life around him…. that when he wants and needs a break, you find yourself whining and bored. Many women push themselves away from their family and friends when they get married or enter a relationship. Never do that. You never want to look up and have no one….but him. Down the line it makes him uncomfortable, and he’ll have to always find ways to entertain you. That’s not fair. Build your own life, and at the end of the day…  go home to the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE.

Be Blessed!

Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God. – Dr. Maya Angelou 

Conversations with friends, A Wedding Dance *tissue needed* (((((Blog)))))



Its a new week already wow!

Today I had some great conversations with 2 lovely ladies. I enjoy ministering to them. You know when life lessons come to teach you something, you have to really get into a quiet place and hear from God. God always gives us exits. Always. They both told me today that they loved me and that I am always there for them when they need to talk. They went on to say, how they appreciate me as a friend. That really felt good, because for the last few years I have really went through a life change. And it shut me down. I mean I have gotten over not living in Atlanta, its the things that happened after that, which rocked me to the core. I had SO MANY inbox messages of people wanting me to listen to them, and flat out, I said look…. I’m going through myself.. I can’t even think to help you right now.

Week after week of listening to TD Jakes LIVE on Sundays * I know I should have been in my own Church* but I know for a fact that he has helped me to know my calling. It was meant for me to be under his teachings. I am so excited. There are no hesitations on my part anymore. No more wondering, no more doubt. One thing I know I cannot do again. Is to shut down on people who need me. I can make it brief, but to never shut down like I’ve done this time. No matter what I’m going through. God has equipped me to keep it moving…. and this I know. I enjoy doing this, its what I was called to do. I finally got it. I plan to put together a Women’s Gathering and its going to be out of sight!! Life changing for many. I haven’t been this excited in years.

Later on, I received an email from someone to join her on line Ministry. I am very excited to do so, she is a very lovely lady.. I need this group very much. We’ve been FB friends for a while and not only that, but she’s written a book and when I purchased it, I WAS SO SURPRISED TO SEE MY NAME IN IT!!!! SHE DIDNT TELL ME.. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? I had asked her a question which made her really think, not knowing how it helped her. You’ll have to read it yourself…(((copy and paste))))   https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/ayanaelon

Please watch this very touching Wedding Dance. Get some tissue…. you will cry.

I’m closing for now….. Be Blessed
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Crossing the line in Marriage~ From the desk of Cree

So, I’m sitting here watching the Real Housewives of Atlanta. Clearly reminding me of Why did I get married…… as Kenya is the one with NO HUSBAND, NO CHILDREN.. NO NOTHING… but trouble.
I’m having a hard time understanding why these other women can’t see the drama she’s bringing to the cast. Maybe its in their contract to have to sit there and be apart of something that only makes them look like weak women. Oh well… couldn’t be ME!
I’ve never been married. But I be darn, if I see my husband talking to someone who I clearly warned … that if you have any issues or conversations for ME or my HUSBAND… I need to always be present and apart of it. Now keep in mind this is not a random… this is because of an incident that happened in the past. My Question: Why is that so hard to understand? This is why when you’re speaking, you need to be CLEAR of what you’re saying ESPECIALLY when dealing with WOMEN…. it doesn’t need to be a 15 minute conversation…. only 3-5. To me either Apollo is either slow, or have a hard time understanding “lines you don’t cross” in a marriage.
After the relationship with my daughters father… I promised I would NEVER be insecure with my man.And I stayed true to my word. I realized I LOOK GOOD TOO. And, I sure don’t want a MAN who’s insecure either. If I ever had to be…. I would leave… one thing about LACREASE WALKER…. I have no problems leaving a friendship or relationship once I see its not working. NONE.. A BLESSING I TRULY HAVE. #GIFTOFGOODBYE. Let me say this…. I will work on my marriage, talk, cry, go to counseling, meet up with other married couples for advice…. but I refuse for my SELF ESTEEM to go down. Hell to the neva naw! 
Some women are so full of drama.. I wish a woman/man WOULD disrespect our relationship/marriage. The part that made me mad about is Pheadra, she’s so “sophisticated ” but maybe she didn’t want to really get down with him, because she was filming, but she should have made him come to the room with her to talk that out. I wouldn’t be able to sleep, or discuss anything else until we talked. I’m not going to beat around the bush, we’re not going to talk in front of company, we’re not going to use curse words to get our point across, we’re not going to raise our voices, and before we go to sleep…. we should have made up. All that next day, talking in codes, making him kiss her as*… I wouldn’t play all that. She’s keeping it build up inside and its causing resentment.. I can see it on her face. That will make a man step out too. Nope.. it aint right… but it happens.
Single women… like Kenya always have THE MOST TO SAY about people who are married. She doesn’t have a clue to mother hood or being a wife. Its so disrespectful to see her so deep into their business. I, do NOT play that at all. I wish a woman WOULD get in me and my husbands business.
First of all, the type of woman I am, I WILL NEVER make you feel as if you can comment on my relationship. And let me make this clear…. I say I don’t play that not because IM JUST SO GONE AND HEAD OVER HEELS OVER HIM… but its because that’s crossing the line. And when someone cross the line on MY BUSINESS with MY HUSBAND…. a beep goes off in my head.. meaning you’re IN MY LANE..I’ll give you that look, and you’ll have so many seconds to vacate the premises. From there… JUST HAVE GOD ON SPEED DIAL…. cause that’s what its going to take to get me to calm down.
Now let me say this….. both of my Sisters are married. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE , LOVE their husbands. They’re the best brother n laws any sister could have. The type of RELATIONSHIP me and my Sisters have…is this…… I don’t get in their business. My sisters don’t call me, text me, inbox me, or tell me the problems they’re having. FIRST OF ALL … I DON’T CARE… IT’S NOT MY BUSINESS. AND ITS NOT MY LANE. I love that, because when we’re all together, I feel good and comfortable around them. So, when they ask for my opinion about something in the relationship.. THEY ALWAYS VALUE IT. ALWAYS.. ALWAYS! They know I love them all, I don’t take sides JUST BECAUSE THEY’RE MY SISTERS. I tell them to truth, I use words to get to the point, and its not a 2 hour conversation. The truth is always to the point. This is why an authentic woman like me will always stand out.
So, I say all of that to say…..learn to stay in your lane when it comes to a Marriage. If God Blesses me with a Husband…..God, Communication, along with understanding, faithfulness, and keeping people out of our BUSINESS will be our guide….. THIS IS ONE AREA IN MY LIFE… I DO NOT PLAY!
Be Blessed!
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy