Virgo Women/BLOG

  One of my popular post here in my blog is the one I posted on VIRGO MEN. But I wanted to do something on VIRGO WOMEN and just so happens… I’m one MYSELF. I’m going to give you a BALANCED post by sharing in each paragraph the beautiful and the ugly about us VIRGOS.Continue reading “Virgo Women/BLOG”

God Told Me That I Was Getting In The Way With My Foolishness- PT 2/BLOG

The following year, my daughter entered High School. She had a good 4 years, graduated, then decided that she would take a year off from school. That didn’t sit well with me at all. I wanted her to go straight to college because I know sometimes when kids take a year off, its hard toContinue reading “God Told Me That I Was Getting In The Way With My Foolishness- PT 2/BLOG”


Hey,   Meet … MY GOD NIECE.. MY GOD SISTERS DAUGHTER, AND ONLY CHILD! Her parents met in High School got married and had my niece. They were both smart, she got her Masters in Accounting, and he went to school for Heating and Cooling! They built 2 business together and own a total ofContinue reading “Men who WORK-WORK-WORK TOO MUCH!/BLOG”

Crees Ramblings/BLOG

Hey Family!!! I’m here getting over a cold, haven’t had one in a long time, so I’m okay with it…. I guess. LOL On Mothers Day, my baby daddy ** I love saying that** sent me a message and called…. something he always does. But its so funny how long I’ve come  (((MENTALLY speaking)))  fromContinue reading “Crees Ramblings/BLOG”


Hey Family!!! Whats going on? I’ve been working a lot lately so I haven’t been on as much…but I have got to share this. When your at work.. do everything in your POWER  to mind your own business.  There are so many people who have no PEACE… and will do everything in their power toContinue reading “PEACE in the WORKPLACE/BLOG”

A little talk with God/BLOG

Hey, Just finish having a talk with God. Last year this time, I was about to get a phone call that our job had been eliminated. The day before Thanksgiving. Wow. Thinking about how God makes me laugh because of the things I asked him for are coming to pass. Its so funny because you haveContinue reading “A little talk with God/BLOG”

Money can’t buy you everythang… LADY….Crees Blog Entry

Heeeeey, Its been a minute but ………IM HERE!!!! I didn’t know why then, but ever since I was a young gurl I’ve always studied the behavior of people. I believe I did it because people would make me SO UPSET by the way they treated others. Instead of getting upset, I decided to STUDY whyContinue reading “Money can’t buy you everythang… LADY….Crees Blog Entry”

Women in the workplace…..Cree’s Blog Entry

So, today I want to talk to the ladies….. men you can read this too. *smile*. Why are women so full of gossip and jealousy? Why can’t we just go to work TO WORK… then go home to a PEACEFUL ATMOSPHERE? Because let me say this…. if you come to work as a peaceful person,Continue reading “Women in the workplace…..Cree’s Blog Entry”

If you put your MIND to it * my story of winning*

I’ve never been a competitive person …. AT ALL…… PERIOD. I have always been a person who try everything in her power to “stay in her own lane”. I don’t look over to see what the next person is doing…. what the next person is wearing…. ..who is with who…. I just do ME….CREE. ButContinue reading “If you put your MIND to it * my story of winning*”