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One of my popular post here in my blog is the one I posted on VIRGO MEN. But I wanted to do something on VIRGO WOMEN and just so happens… I’m one MYSELF.

I’m going to give you a BALANCED post by sharing in each paragraph the beautiful and the ugly about us VIRGOS.

Virgo WOMEN……. are some CRAZY, FUN LOVING, LAUGHING, GOOD TIME HAVING, PEOPLE. We love to laugh and surround ourselves with loving people. At work, my coworkers say they can hear me laughing all over the building. I’ve always laughed loud, because it hits me in my mind first, then it carries out to my mouth. Virgo women are those that walk up in a gathering, and THEN THE PARTY STARTS!!!!

VIRGO WOMEN……..ARE VERY very very VERY territorial about our kids, family and friends. We don’t play when it comes to them at ALL. If my momma is not answering her phone. She knows I’m going to BLOW HER PHONE OUT OF HER PURSE. She knows this. She knows I’m that CRAZY child that will jump in my car, and be on my way to kick her door in. LOL  To make sure she’s not dead or cant get to her phone. She knows this about me. My dad the same way, don’t let me call him and he’s not answering his cellphone. They know I’m crazy like that, so she will let me know where she’s going ahead of time so I won’t worry, and I have all the places she goes on SPEED DIAL… and she knows if she doesn’t answer…. I’M ON MY WAY!!! My daughter the same way. We both have iPhones, when she’s out and about (( sometimes)) (( Me: rolls my eyes)) she’ll send me her location. Most times she’s with her boy friend so I’m good with that, because he’s good people and he KNOWS me and her dad DON’T PLAY when it comes to her. But one time we were suppose to go someplace and she wasn’t answering her phone early in the morning.. Baaaaby… I put my shoes on, jumped in my car and I was at her apartment in seconds (( she lives just around the corner from me)). I stuck my key in her door and she jumped up out of her sleep. She knew then, that momma don’t play and she betta answer the phone. LOL LOL This is why Virgo Women don’t mess with people’s kids, we stay in our lane. That’s because we don’t want anyone to mess with ours.

VIRGO WOMEN…..are LOYAL. We LOVE our friends. We will tell them the truth and not sugar coat anything. Over the years, I had to learn how to be truthful but at the same time, say it in a way that it won’t offend the person. Most people can handle the truth, but it has to be spoken in a gentle way, and sometimes when we want people to really get it, we can say things rough. But, we don’t mean that you are dumb or stupid, we ‘re just passionate about you getting what we are bringing to you.  We won’t stand for anyone to talk about our friends. We feel that if you have something negative to say about my friend, then go tell if to YOUR friends. We are not the people you bad mouth our friend to. We don’t play that. One thing about us tho, if we find out that you have been DISLOYAL all the time with us, using things we told you against us, USING us, talking behind our backs about us, WE WILL CUT YOU OFF LIKE A DEAD TREE IN THE GROUND!!! We won’t have ANYTHING to say to you ever. If you keep sending us emails, calling our phones and leaving messages and we don’t respond.. LET IT GO. We are done. It makes us madder and madder, please believe we are sitting back thinking of ways to chop your whole body up, and package it in a fingernail polish bottle to send to …….. you fill in the blank. But then of course, we feel bad, and ask God to forgive us for those  CRAZY thoughts and get back to our lives. We just want PEACE!

VIRGO WOMEN… Love to communicate. We have to make sure that we know exactly what is going on in order to do things correctly. I may ask you 100 questions, because I want to get things right. I want direct details. We are some investigators too. You can’t just tell a Virgo woman anything. We’ll get to the bottom of the truth no matter how long it takes. We know people in high places and we will use all of our resources. I remember I was dating this guy we were very close. One day I woke up in the middle of the night and had a feeling that he was out doing something he had no business doing. I jumped in my car about 3-4 in the morning and went to the areas I know he goes to all the time, and saw his car in the drive way of someone he had been with previously. We were done as a couple. But the point I’m making is, we will do our  homework based off what we are feeling and what we may know. It will KILL  a Virgo woman to not act upon her intuition. If Im new at a job and you are the person that comes to me and tell me everything about everyone in the building… Im side eyeing you FIRST. VIRGO women like to get to know people for ourselves. You cant tell us about other people. NOW.. WE WILL KEEP EVERYTHING YOU SAID IN OUR MINDS… WE TAKE MENTAL NOTES ON EVERYTHING….. because we may need it later. Because when we realize that person was right, we have all the first hand information stored in our minds, and we WILL DISCONNECT FROM THAT PERSON ON SITE!

Virgo women.. well some. Don’t like to go through people’s private things. I just can’t. Its about privacy to me. I was dating this therapist years ago, I met him because I use to clean his office building. When he was gone, I loved going up in his room and snooping through his drawers, desk and other things. I couldn’t wait to find something new, so that I could bring it up the next day. Boy was that ignorant and silly. I don’t care whats in his office, room, phone, home…. just as long as we’re good.. Im fine. NOW……. If some information come to me.. that’s when the VIRGO WOMAN HAS TO INVESTIGATE….. and trust meeeeeeeeeee.. WE INVESTIGATE LOL Imma leave this right there! LOL

VIRGO WOMEN… Work!!! I never complain at my job. I do my work and do it well. My bosses loves me and I love them. I don’t give them any lip, any talk back, I don’t disrespect them, or curse in front of them even if they are comfortable saying a curse word in front of me. When a VIRGO woman is not feeling it, she wont go to work and spread her irritated atmosphere, she will stay home and get herself together. We work hard!!! Once a VIRGO WOMAN know her job description, she will run the business like its hers. VIRGO WOMEN cant stand complaining, whinny people. It irritates our souls to hear about aches and pains when that person can be in bed. Virgo women hate complaints!!!! We cant stop whoa is me type of people. I tell people to BOSS UP!!! When we work with people who complain, it messes up the whole atmosphere. We cant stand tell a tells. We believe in going to the person  and having a smiley face talk with them, after that.. WE DON’T DEAL WITH YOU ANYMORE. To a Virgo you are INVISIBLE…. NOT EVEN HERE., NOT EVEN BORN, NOT EVEN KNOWN. WE ARE DONE!

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God Told Me That I Was Getting In The Way With My Foolishness- PT 2/BLOG


The following year, my daughter entered High School. She had a good 4 years, graduated, then decided that she would take a year off from school. That didn’t sit well with me at all. I wanted her to go straight to college because I know sometimes when kids take a year off, its hard to get back into the grove. But my baby was determined to go to college. She told me that she was tired, and that she really needed that time off.  I respect that, she broke it down and I got it. I didn’t want her to start a job either, because I KNEW that if she started working, it was a chance that she would get use to the money and never start college. That was happening to so many kids at the time. I made sure she didn’t need for anything.

Often times Nesha  and I would talk about that night God told me that I was getting in the way with my foolishness of who she was going to be. I was very conscience of everything I did, said, and exposed her to.  As I’m watching her grow up, I’m watching GOD work in her life. I’m watching every step of the way with excitement in my heart… asking just what is HE using my baby for? We both wanted to see where God was leading her, and sometimes its not what WE  have in PLAN.

On her way to an Event for her job

nita 4

She traveled in the summer with her dad, and when Fall came around she was ready for College. She wanted to become a Lawyer, so she went to school, did 4 years, and received her Bachelors in Criminal Justice. In her last year she went to work for the 36 District Courts here in Detroit where she worked in Forfeiture. She wanted to learn as much as she  could, so she sat with Judges, Criminal Prosecutors, and Defense Lawyers.  She also sat in the court room for every hearing of our former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.  It was a joy to see her on TV everyday.  Knowing in my heart how she felt about being in the presence of a court room and getting a feel of what she wanted to do. She was so well liked and known around the building for her ambition to learn. Several Judges wanted her to leave her department to work for them. She did. But as time passed, she started seeing in the court room how things were done and had a burning desire to help Women, Seniors and Children. She felt as if her need was elsewhere at that time, other than in the court room.

During that time, she helped me to put together The Feeding The Homeless Projects, and also my Youth Group Raisingurls To Women in my home. She enjoyed it and was a big help, more than I could ever explain.

She would always say Momma, I’ll go back to school later to become a Lawyer, but  right now I want to work with Youth and Family Services. I said baby…. this is YOUR LIFE…. you do what you are LEAD to do. She said I just dont want you to be disappointed. I told her NEVER THAT…. I’m just watching God do his work in you, I have raised you, you’re an adult now, you have your own relationship with God, you do what you want to do in life. With my Blessings (( in her heart)) she started working for a Non-Profit Organization. And when I tell you this gurl is doing her thing. I don’t have enough time to share it all. She went right in (( first job)) in 2012 worked her behind off, that THE CEO made her DIRECTOR OF FAMILY GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT !  Yess!!!!  She’s the Supervisor of 6 Clinicians . And I’m looking at God like…… Are you serious? You’re having me to witness all of this? And I’m so happy that he allowed me to share with her that night at 12 years old, that it was all about her. My foolishness had to end, so that I could focus on her, and raise her up, so that she could be used by him. What JOY I FEEL AS I WRITE THIS. THANK YOU JESUS, THANK YOU LORD.

Photo of her at 4 years old


I don’t get a chance to see her work in person, and I have to make her tell me stories about what she does. She believes in helping others and not so much talking about it. But for me, its about seeing what God was talking about. Thanking him for getting me together so that I could raise her properly. So she shares some. But last week, I got to see for myself. We had planned to do a little shopping and get something to eat after she was done at work. She told me to pick her up at 5:00 but someone called and needed food and personal items because she didn’t have anything to feed her son. I told her that I would be there EARLY anyway (( I wanted to see the person)), the young lady jumped out of the passenger side of the truck and ran in the building. My daughter hand her this huge box full of food and items. It made me cry. This lady hugged my daughter so tight and kept Thanking her. I sat in the car saying to myself God, this is what you were telling me? Seeing my daughter help someone who had NO FOOD FOR HER SON… just did something to me. I thought my daughter would be putting criminals in jail, she’s putting food on the table for those we are in need. It made me cry, seeing this in person. She was just 12 years old, here she is 30 and I’m just in awe of God.


This week she started school again!!!! She wants to go higher in her field. She wants to be a Therapist, its funny because they say Criminal Justice cross paths with it, so now to her it make sense why she switched off from wanting to be a Lawyer. Her boss told her, go to school….. bring me the bill! Wow amazing!  

When I tell you my daughter takes care of me…… it brings tears to my eyes. The gifts, the thoughts, the appreciation is over whelming sometimes. Because all I wanted was for her do what SHE wanted to do, and for me to see WHAT IS ALL THIS GOD WAS TALKING ABOUT. I SEE IT FOR MYSELF… Never in a million years when I did my Feeding The Homeless Projects  that she was watching in the background. Never knew that what she was helping me with… SHE RUNS AND DIRECTS. Below is her being honored here in Detroit by city officials, and other members and staff personal all over the city. It blew my mind to hear all of these kind words, and to REMEMBER WHAT GOD REVEALED TO ME THAT NIGHT!  And there is so much to come, and if The Lord say the same.. He’ll let me be here to SEE IT! AMEN!

ALSO, A Happy Happy Birthday to HER today (( 31)) September 3.. and I turned 50 TODAY AS WELL!

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brittney brittney

Her parents met in High School got married and had my niece. They were both smart, she got her Masters in Accounting, and he went to school for Heating and Cooling! They built 2 business together and own a total of 13 homes. All while growing up he told my niece that he wanted to pass the business down to her. He taught her how to open a bank account and save money. He taught her about buying homes and selling them. He taught her about how people are, and to be careful of shady business deals. How to mingle and rub arms with people who could help her with her business.

My niece dad thought he was spending “quality” time with the family,  my niece grew up (( grown woman)), they all grew apart, and my sister divorced. He wanted to work all day and night, weekends too.. to “build” the family business, but my sister wanted time, love and trips together as a couple and a family while they grew old. My niece dad felt it was best to build up, then take trips later in life. All through the years of my niece’s dad wanting her to take over the family business, she didn’t want that for her life.  But she couldn’t tell him because this was HIS dream and it would break his heart. Stop putting pressure on your kids… STOP IT!!! Just because you found something that worked for you, don’t pressure your kids to follow your footsteps, when they want to do something DIFFERENT. It only makes sense to YOU that you built something that’s solid. And that’s OKAY..but your child doesn’t want that for their lives.. Deal with it. Yes, its a great idea, yess you struggled and sweated, but this is NOT your child’s dream.

 How does a child tell her parent/s  (( in this case the dad, because her mom saw it coming))… THANK YOU for grooming me for the family business since BIRTH… but UM NO THANK YOU… this is not MY career path or MY DREAM?

I have seen it first hand. I knew it all along. My niece wants a family with a husband, both have jobs, meet up at evening, have dinner , talk, family time, and then bed time. My niece dad spent all day and night even Sundays building the “business”… and no one wanted it but him. He became selfish, at first it was the money, then it was the POWER now its the INFLUENCE of the LOCAL AND WORLD WIDE LEADERS IN HIS FIELD AND OUT. He’s now engaged, and guess who will spend all the money… HIS NEW WIFE.. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA. AND HER NEW MAN! HAHAHAHHAHHAHAH..  THE MOMENT HE DIES! ((( YALL GON LEARN))) A woman who hasn’t spent a DAY in the building of the process. My sister is happy, and  gladly to pass on the money without the MAN. HAHAHAHAHAHHA

The relationship of that dad -daughter is little to none. This is how men are disappointed, and in their feelings about their kids, because they spent their whole lives DREAMING , HOPING, WISHING AND GROOMING their kids would follow their footsteps.

Meet Jenae from Sweetie Pies and her new FIANCEE


I was just Congratulating Jenae Wallick on her engagement this weekend to her trainer Arthur Shivers III. I’m so happy for them and especially her. She’s the mother of Tim from Sweetie Pies on the OWN Network. Jenae was once engaged to Tim, but things didn’t work out between them. It was so hard to watch. She really loved him, but he wanted to move out of town to expand the family business. I believed he knew she didn’t want to leave St. Louis, because she wanted to be near her family, but he went anyway. They broke up, and shortly after he moved to California.

I really hope that Tim slows down enough to enjoy LIFE and HIS ONLY CHILD/SON. People like him who work, work, work, swears up and down they enjoy their lives. They’ll be the same ones when they’re in their 60’s saying how much they wish they had slowed down to enjoy family and friends more. I personally don’t want to hear that mess.  Because along the way, people have constantly beat it in their heads, but all they could see is the “business”. I see it ALL THE TIME ON UNDERCOVER BOSS. I have watched every episode, and that is one of the #1 thing these men say… yessss and even the women bosses. They always thought they were spending time with their kids, when really they weren’t doing anything but MISSING OUT… providing, giving kisses, hugs, a few down to earth conversations.. AND THE REST OF THEIR TIME.. BUYING THEM THINGS, AND TELLING THEM THEY WANT THEM TO TAKE OVER THE COMPANY WHEN THEY’RE OLDER… UM excuse meeeeeeee..  BUT your kids don’t want to do that SHIT! That’s YOUR dream! And don’t you DARE be DISAPPOINTED when they tell you this!

I AM La’Crease.. and I don’t have to do anything else.

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Crees Ramblings/BLOG

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Hey Family!!!

I’m here getting over a cold, haven’t had one in a long time, so I’m okay with it…. I guess. LOL

On Mothers Day, my baby daddy ** I love saying that** sent me a message and called…. something he always does.IMG_2336 But its so funny how long I’ve come  (((MENTALLY speaking)))  from  back in the day at age 18 when I met him.martonenecree I really really love him today, because of the relationship he has with our daughter. She loves that man. I talk to women all the time about the importance of making sure that they don’t run the fathers of their children away. Even if they have broken up, its important, and even more when they’re grown and need that adult/father/child advice on life. I’ll never stop talking about that. Now, I see why I went through so much, because God knew that one day when I was healed from it all, that I would talk to others about my experience till I’m blue in the face. And there is NEVER  a day where I am not doing just that.

 Last night at work, one of the Supervisors took me there. I’m a person that  does my work, anything asked… I’m doing it without any attitude, talking smart or eye rolling. Managers notice that. Why this one feel like, just because I make my job look easy, without complaints, minimum questions, with a smile on my face ALL NIGHT… that I want to do extra work that has nothing to do with me ? That burns me up. He made me so mad that I had to pull him to the side. And this is the reason why I don’t run behind, talk on a personal level, laugh and play with managers. Because just as they mean business…. LA’CREASE WALKER does too. The less I have to say about something that goes on, the more they want to know.. WHAT LACREASE THINK? Ummmm….. I think nothing, not going to empty my opinions and thoughts out to anyone on anything that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with me. #sostoplookingatme #waitingonaresponse #nothoughtsonthematter #asksomeoneelse #thankyou  MY FACE

So, Im trying to fix up my apartment room by room. FullSizeRender (57) FullSizeRender (56) FullSizeRender (55)I love it here, I’m going to video record as soon as they finish the lobby and the convenient store. I don’t think I will ever go back to living in a house again, UNLESS I’m married.

Was in the office doing some computer work, FullSizeRender (64)when one of the employees walked into the office and asked MEE.. was that in the lobby at the desk… I jumped up out of my seat so fast… and it was HIM… So fione!!!!

Okay… I’m getting sleepy, off tonight.

I AM La’Crease (((  I don’t have to do anything else)))

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Hey Family!!! Whats going on? I’ve been working a lot lately so I haven’t been on as much…but I have got to share this.

When your at work.. do everything in your POWER  to mind your own business.  There are so many people who have no PEACE… and will do everything in their power to make sure you don’t either. Its unreal how much DRAMA women start in the work place. Me…. I watch that mess from the side lines. Then guess what? They see me with all this PEACE on my face, and they want to come to me for advice and to listen. Yall know me…. Imma tell you the truth., CAUSE I HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE -EVER, EVER, EVER when it comes down to it. I promise about 5 people have sat with me for my breaks to tell me whats going on with them. Its something about me that draws people to me. I don’t even know these people, but they see something in me. Most times, I’m just listening…. you know people are going to do what they want to do anyway. But why me all the time? I want to sit on my break and do me, go through my phone, read messages and just think for a few minutes. ALONE!!!

I hate that its so much drama at the job that you can cut it with a knife. I mind my own business  *when they let me* and punch out when its time to go. PRAISE GOD THANK YOU JESUS …BECAUSE WHEN I TURN THE KEY TO MY APARTMENT.. ITS SO LOVING AND SO PEACEFUL…. I CREATED MY OWN ATMOSPHERE!!!


A little talk with God/BLOG



Just finish having a talk with God. Last year this time, I was about to get a phone call that our job had been eliminated. The day before Thanksgiving. Wow. Thinking about how God makes me laugh because of the things I asked him for are coming to pass. Its so funny because you have to pay attention to him because you can look up and its happening. I’m still just looking around my life saying God are you serious? For real? So, I went through all of that…… for this? Really? Me? Cree? I can have this? This is for me? You approved this for my life? I know all things pass through your desk… but is this for me? Okay… I’ll take it!!!

I remember back in my 20’s when God would Bless me, I would ask.. but what about my friends? Little did I know he was blessing them and they were taking it… probably not even asking where is LaCrease’s. LOL The point I’m making is… I love my  friends… but this is my time. I had to do a lot of computer work today.. well since Thursday. I worked/sat at a desk from 8:55 am  this morning, until 7:00 pm and still needed more time.  Wasn’t even tired… especially when I’m focused on something. So tomorrow morning, I’ll go into work at 8:30 until 5.


Got invited to a Red Carpet Premiere tonight at work .. yessss my Virgo gurl is in town!!! I really wanted to see her in person too. But I had so much work to do. I’ll regret it later, because all I had to do was walk 20 seconds from where I was working. Nice guest list too. Oh well.. off to bed for another long day.

Be Blessed!!!

Money can’t buy you everythang… LADY….Crees Blog Entry

kid to saveHeeeeey,

Its been a minute but ………IM HERE!!!!

I didn’t know why then, but ever since I was a young gurl I’ve always studied the behavior of people. I believe I did it because people would make me SO UPSET by the way they treated others. Instead of getting upset, I decided to STUDY why people did the things they did. This has also helped me to understand the thought process of a child. It is GOD GIVEN trust me, no school could ever teach me what God gave to me naturally. In having this gift it has helped me to understand what people go through, and how they come to the conclusion they do in life. With that said…. read this story.

This lady I work with she’s about 57 and has everything you can think of. She and her husband owns a night club, MANY rental properties, car wash, hair salon* aint no telling what else* they both drive nice trucks and have one grown son with a wife and family. I love this lady, and I truly don’t believe that she knows half the stuff she says that MAKES THE OTHERS want to scratch the chalk board non stop. LOL I have to write about her, because there are many others out there just like her. Its sad… so sad.. but hopefully this will make you ask yourself….Am I this woman?

My coworker wants EVERYTHING MONEY CANT BUY. Instead of her saying to herself…. Okay… I can buy that on my own, so I won’t take it… she will anyway. She says she does it because.. SHE PAYS TAXES AND HAVE A RIGHT TO get things free. Every month there is this fruit truck and many other things on it, that if you pull up, sign your name while they load up your car… its yours free. The school we work at is in a poor neighborhood and many people drive up and get these things because they need them. She asked me why aren’t you going to get a food box? I told her let people who need it get it, we don’t need it. I said there may be times in life when we may need it, and then you wont feel bad about having to get it. If she has to ever be in this position to have to get these things… I BET SHE WONT EVEN GET THEM.. BECAUSE SHE’S TOO PROUD. When you brag about things you have, and then they’re taken away from you… you feel bad about having to have to get it. But to take from those people who can’t afford it IS A DAYUM SHAME. That bothers me so bad. Then I ask her… what do you do what that stuff, because you don’t need it…. she says… “I give it to my son for my grandsons” *smh*

There is this counselor who dress very nice and every time my coworker sees her, she has to ALWAYS look at what she has on. One day she had on a nice blouse… I told her how pretty it was, don’t you know my coworker ASKED HER where she got it from, and then went out that SAME DAY and bought it? She came to work and talked about it nonstop. and I’m looking at her like are you serious? Friday, our security team ordered some wings from Coney island. My coworker was eating something she had just bought in from a restaurant. When she found out they were ordering food she asked them why didn’t yall ask me to order, they said they didn’t think about it and it would have not been a problem… she turned to me and said…. I’m going up stairs and getting one of those wings as soon as its delivered. And so I said to her…. why would you want a wing ding… she said because they didn’t ask me. WOW WOW WOW. She wants everything HER money cant buy at the time. I never met anyone like this.

We have these carrying cases for your books. And when the kids play games and win, they get it free as a prize. Well she ask one of the teachers can she have one, so they gave it to her. THEN SHE WANTED ANOTHER ONE FOR HER GRANDSON. This is so unreal to me. She can’t sit anything out. She has to have everything that’s not for sale. She asked me for mines, I TOLD HER NO, and I don’t even want mines. We have many different things going on at school, and when someone pulled out the schools camera…. she kept talking about how hers is just like it. It was a long nose Nokia. Now she’s going to bring hers to school. I’m looking at her like gurllllllllllllllllll this is not that serious. The others are fed up with her…. but to me… she’s interesting.

But this is the biggest. The women and men who works in the kitchen often times take home food before it goes bad. And since it can’t be heated or re cooked, they’ll give it away, take it home, or throw it out. She feels that SINCE SHE AND HER HUSBAND PAY MORE TAXES THAN EVERYONE ELSE, THAT …. she’s entitled to have the privileges of taking home food like the kitchen workers. The nerve of her. What they do in the kitchen has nothing to do with her. And what burns her up so bad, is that they ALWAYS ask me what do I WANT? They tell me “Sunshine you don’t have to pay for anything, if you want something TELL ME”. She gets SO mad, and ask what about me? She don’t get that nobody likes when she sit up and brag, when she want some of everything everybody has because she cant buy it. When they call me PRIVATELY in the kitchen…. she watches me like a hawk. She wants to know what they said to me, what are they giving me… then when I come out with something she doesn’t EAT.. she’ll say… I DON’T EAT THAT MESS. But when I come out with something good and she wants it… she’ll say… I’m going back there to see if they have any thing left… I WANT SOME TOO. Her facial expression is ANGRY…. just because they didn’t ask her for anything. Then she’ll pout if she sees all of them eating together and they not offer her FREE LUNCH. One day I bought several kids some candy bars for helping me out….. when one of the students didn’t come to school, she asked me could she have the SNICKER. It killed her that I bought candy bars for the students and not have one for her. IT KILLED HER TO SEE ME PASSING THEM OUT. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!

I came to the conclusion just by listening to her and not dismissing her behavior. She loves her life, but she’s very ungrateful. She loves to brag, and if someone says that something is nice and pretty… she’ll make sure to run out and get it…..and tell you about it in the morning. She won’t admit how blessed she is until someone shows up and have something she can’t buy….. NO MATTER WHAT. She brags about what she has, and she TRIES HER BEST TO gets things that CANT BE BOUGHT OR SOLD.

Are you this person? Just because something is free doesn’t mean you have to be apart of it, especially if you don’t need it. Save it for those who do. Let people see what you have… DONT BRING IT UP… Keep some things to yourself…. everybody don’t have to know your business just because its true. New Living Translation
Get wisdom; develop good judgment. Don’t forget my words or turn away from them. Proverbs 4:5

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

Women in the workplace…..Cree’s Blog Entry

dramafreeSo, today I want to talk to the ladies….. men you can read this too. *smile*.

Why are women so full of gossip and jealousy? Why can’t we just go to work TO WORK… then go home to a PEACEFUL ATMOSPHERE? Because let me say this…. if you come to work as a peaceful person, trust me, your home is too. If you’re the type that’s ALWAYS in the office (((ABOUT ANYTHING))) running behind management, can’t wait for a break just to share gossip that happened… stop that!!! It looks a MESS. And please tell me why do (((some))) women do everything in their power to be SEEN. They have to talk the loudest, walk pass you 1000 times, tell everybody what they just bought, and make it known who THEY LIKE/ likes THEM in the building. The funny part is, the more I sit at the table and turn my attention to my phone, or stare in the air, the more they want me TO HEAR THEM, AND RE DIRECT MY ATTENTION TO THEM. NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

LOL So I say that to say….don’t give in to that type of pressure. Once you listen to one story, then you’ll be *invited* to all the gossip sessions. I don’t like that. Tell me a story… cool… but when it becomes a personal attack…I keeps it moving.

Another thing that women do….. ((((some)))) if they have a problem with a member of management or another co-worker, they will sit around a bunch of others who will listen to their story… instead of going to the person involved. Why do women do that? The people you’re telling the story too cant help you…. why even let anyone in on a situation that they HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO POWER to change? After a while the story becomes gossip filled, and full of opinions. Always go to the “root” of your problems.

I had an issue with a coworker last week, and when I went to her to address it…..she told everyone about it. Made me ANGRY… * but I did good*. If I wanted everyone to know, I would have told them first. I guess she did that because she needed someone to talk too…. but for me that’s a way to get me upset. Too many opinions, will geek up someone to say or do something they wouldn’t normally do. Anyway, yesterday was the last straw….she knew she was wrong, but still she feels “some kinda way about it”. She CRIED told everyone who would listen… so today she made some changes… and next week things should be back to normal. If I wrote out the story… YALL WOULD BE MAD!!! LOL LOL TRUST ME.

Oh well…. I just washed a load, about to chill before sleep. I’m making some chili for dinner tomorrow….haven’t had that in a long time.

Be Blessed

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

If you put your MIND to it * my story of winning*

A Unified TeamI’ve never been a competitive person …. AT ALL…… PERIOD. I have always been a person who try everything in her power to “stay in her own lane”. I don’t look over to see what the next person is doing…. what the next person is wearing…. ..who is with who…. I just do ME….CREE. But I must add, I am a very popular person at work, among my friends and family. No matter where I go, I always know someone. With that said… because of my personality people expect me to be a person more involved with things such as going out often, planning parties, and being apart of something really big/huge. While I can see all of that….right now I’m learning something more and more about myself. Put learning in your students'
In March and a few months before, we had this competition going on with our Credit Cards. Who ever sign up the most people for that month….get to write their own work schedule for a week. While, it sound good, I’m the kind of person that do what I can. I won’t compete, and I wont do flips * sarcastic*. So since, me and my gurl Gina *older black lady* who is probably the most vocal /social /friendliest of the many cashiers ….people expected a lot from me. But thing is…. people don’t know that I’m not a competitive person. But GINA IS……..competitors.jpg
I’ll never forget this day in APRIL when I first come to work and checked in with my Boss …. she told me that she wanted me to sit at the Credit Card Booth. I know that we all have to take turns sitting at the table to get apps. Today was my time. She said that she was going to decorate it with our merchandise to make the table very pretty and notice able. She was going to add all sorts of peppermint candy, life savers and other goodies. She also told me to go and get 6 pack candy bars off the shelf such as snickers, butterfingers, kit kats, almond joys, twix,…… and then to also grab….. cola, orange, fruit punch and lemonade drinks for those to receive FREE just for applying. WE set them all around the table and made it pretty, so that people who didn’t even want to apply for a Walmart Credit Card want to see what was going on at this table. MY BOSS *PHOTO*
Then she said to me……. La’Crease your Credit Card goal for today is…*drum roll* 4. I said 4???? That’s hard to get…she said I know .. but that’s what they are asking… we both started laughing. She said do what you can. I turned and as I was walking to my *sit down job * I said to myself…. now how the HELL am I going to get 4 people to sign up for a Walmart Card? LOL As I sat at the booth…. I had to go deep into my mind…. I am NOT a competitor at all….. I said to myself I’m not doing this to win….. I want to please my boss and do my job.
I sat there thinking to myself. I NEED A SALES PITCH!!! I need to come up with a sentence of words that are quick and to the point, that will MAKE them ask ME questions based on ONE of my words….then I can draw them in and MAKE IT HAPPEN. I know I have this thing with my hands, and I always use DIRECT EYE CONTACT. Then I thought….. I have to believe in this Credit Card in order to SELL it to someone else. I remember that  they had finally given me a Walmart Credit Card  last year after 8 years of working there and applying numerous times. I make my payments on time and  in 6 months they gave me an instant increase. I LOVE MY WALMART CARD. So…… I had that to go on. I started to believe that I could do this. Not to compete, but to “come out of my comfort zone, and OUT of my lane to *get in this race*.
I sat at my booth * it was ….pretty and dialed up too* and my AWARD WINNING SALES PITCH WENT LIKE THIS……..Hello… * I smiles and with my inviting hands I said*… would you like to apply for a INSTANT ON THE SPOT WALMART CREDIT CARD TODAY? LAUGHS * as I type*. Then I got 1 person….. then 2 people…. then 3 people……then 4 people….. * met goal with that 4*….. then I got 5 people…. then I got 6 people…..then I got 7 people. LOL LOL LOL I got 7 people to sign up for a WALMART CREDIT CARD for my very first day!!!! LOL LOL LOL I did it!! Everybody was coming over saying Cree why are you surprised you are always talking to people, why did you find this hard to do? How bout it never INTERESTED ME. I dunno. But my Managers were very very very happy. We are in competition with all the Walmart stores in Michigan.. and we are always # 1-5. This is one of the reasons why we have been getting Bonuses for the last 9 months!!! CREDIT CARD APPS. I Love Bonuses sticker
So, the VERY next day… my Boss said Cree…… I need you BACK at the CREDIT CARD TABLE…. OH LAWD…..LOL …..I was okay with it, but still wasn’t sure if I could top 7.  The heat was on for me…….Well……… I went to the table and before my shift was up…. I got 1…2……3….4…..5…..6…..7….. Birthday Number 8PEOPLE TO SIGN UP. MORE THAN THE DAY BEFORE!!!! LOL LOL LOL LOL A NEW CONFIDENCE!!!! I went on to WIN #2 in APRIL under Gina who is always #1 with over 20 apps. The top 3 WINNERS get to write their own schedule.
After I started going to the CREDIT CARD TABLE… many others wanted to work the *sit down all day until your shift is over TABLE* and so it was only fair everybody got a chance to get apps. I was cool with that…..guess sometimes people measure what they HOPE they can do… by someone LIKE ME who is NOT competitive by seeing what THEY CAN do.               Come MAY….. I was FIYAH and nothing to play with I WON #1 BY HAVING 23 CREDIT APPS FOR THE MONTH!!!! I get to make my schedule tomorrow 6/4/12.. *its written 3 weeks in advance* hopefully I’m still here to work it..
So, here it is JUNE 1, 2012 and guess who they put on the CREDIT CARD TABLE from

9-5?….. ME. I was hesitant. All the people who came in the days before were saying how slow it was and that they were only able to get only a few a day. I was able to wrap up the last 2 days in May with only getting 3 one day and 4 the next… but still beating Gina for the #1 spot. So, here I am the first of the month of JUNE…. they told me they wanted DOUBLE DIGITS FOR THE CREDIT CARD TABLE…. Double digits? Yall must be crazy… I thought to myself. Then I started thinking about the time when I gathered up 32 of my friends to go with ME to see Tyler Perry’s movie For Colored Girls.For Colored Girls (Uk).. and how I gather all my family and friends to see all his movies the night before they premiere and that’s always 22 or more. I learned that IF I BELIEVE SOMETHING…… I CAN DO IT!!!!! She want double digits … SHE GOT IT!!!. I got 1…2…..3….4…..5…..6…..7….8…..9….10…Master Number 11 in Numerology PEOPLE TO SIGN UP FOR A WALMART CREDIT CARD ON FRIDAY JUNE 1, 2012. LOL LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

Saturday * yesterday* when I came into work… coworkers were coming to me saying… CREE CREE CREE…. I heard you got 11 Credit APPS for JUNE ALREADY? Management had told everyone…. well Congratulating ALL OF US… BECAUSE IT IS REALLY A TEAM EFFORT…. NOT ONE PERSON CAN GET IT DONE….. KEEP IN MIND WE ARE DUE FOR A $200.00 BONUS THIS THURSDAY FOR THIS KIND OF WORK!!!! I AM HAPPY RIGHT NOW………
workers have the tendency
So, this means that since I SET A NEW RECORD FOR CREDIT CARD APPS IN ONE DAY………. MANAGEMENT IS GOING TO UP THE ANTE……I have really leaned that “If you put your mind to something, YOU CAN DO IT” ……….I AM THE BADDEST GODSGURL!!
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy