Today was a good day. Even though I had a breakdown … whew.. um um um. God always knows.. I mean not only knows… but ACTS ON IT when you’re on the ledge. I knew I wasn’t going over, but I sure stood on it today baaaaaby. Yes the gurl did. But he came through for me and I’m happy. I can’t even make up the things I’ve been through this year. Things always get better when you believe.

Saw a old friend today who knows me like he knows himself, told me that he loved me and that God is his witness, I’ll be his wife before he dies. Wow that is POWERFUL! Too bad I can’t have who I LOVE.

Before I close I just want to say to all those who are reading. Love each other, don’t take friendships for granted. Be there for that person as well, its not all about you. Because one day, you’ll go looking for your friend, and they’ll be gone. Keep promises and stay in touch, not only when you need to be heard, but just because you LOVE THAT PERSON.

Here is one of my favorite videos***SOLID*** from husband and wife Damion and ( my gurl) Maria Brumfield.

Be Blessed!

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