Do you live for the now……….or the later

Im going to be real honest. Back in the day early 20’s if Id met a guy and he was hot, pretty teeth, nice behind, thick, dark tall, with a sexy smile…………… was on and poppin.
Stock Photograph of African American Couple At Golf Course


 I learned that sex is the easiest thing in the world to get. If you ask a man/woman for $25.00 the same day you met him,  you were feeling him and he was feeling you sexually you he would look at you like youre crazy.
A gold digger would be your new name to him, a person who is out for  money. But that same fool will turn around and ask you for the same thing that is written in the bible.  Your body!
15 Do you not know that your bodies are members of Christ himself? Shall I then take the members of Christ and unite them with a prostitute? Never! 16 Do you not know that he who unites himself with a prostitute is one with her in body? For it is said, “The two will become one flesh.”[b] 17But he who unites himself with the Lord is one with him in spirit. 1 Corinthians 6 (New International Version)

How many times have you see someone you use to kick it with and started thinking about that person all day? Then later when you get home he is on your caller ID? Thats because those spirits reconnected when you saw him earlier. But what happens when you are married and happy, then all of a sudden in one day you see 2 guys you had sex with in the past. You start thinking about them in the flesh. Of course you are not going to “hook up” with them. But you dont need to have that spirit inside you. Thats what God wants us to avoid. Its not good to have sex before marriage.
But as  got older ( 38) I realize that its deeper than sex. Its deeper than just seeing a guy that you are attracted too and wanting to have sex with him in that day or the week to come.


I laugh now cause Im looking at a bigger picture.  There are things  I need to know about him. I dont care how good he look, or how good our chemistry is, he has to have more going than sex. Wayyyyy more.


So to name a few

  • How do you treat and talk to  your mother/father/ sisters and brothers?

  • How do you handle a situation where you see me talking to a guy and you dont reconize him?

  • How long have you been at your job

  • Do he have a best friend and for how long?

Those are just a few questions that I need to know. There comes a time in your life when you want your own home,  when you want a truck of your choice sitting in your driveway, with no rust spots and accident marks on it. There come a time when you want 3-4 bed rooms instead of an apartment or flat. There comes a time when you take vacations at your job you want to take 3-4 weeks. Because you have been there a while  or least love your job to be in the process of being there long). There comes a time when you want your own personal bank account, he has his personal, there is a bill account, and a  joint savings account. There comes a time in your life when you want to look at your man/woman and you want to say come on boo lets go to Florida for 2 weeks. There comes a time when you want to have Barbeque’s a get togethers at your home with family and friends and when everyone is gone, you and your boo do the dishes.


Thats what Im talking about!

So my question to you: Do you think its possible for you to hold out on sex until you are married? Do you see and understand why God didnt want us to have sex before marriage? Do you feel that if you hold out on sex that, your boyfriend will end up cheating on you? Can you handle that part?


Share your thoughts!


Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

One Reply to “Do you live for the now……….or the later”

  1. I know that I should but since I have been with more than 1 man I would be wondering if he would be able to satisfy me but if he is the man that GOD sent for me then he should be able too I guess that is something I am fighting with the flesh about. I just need deliveramce in this area.


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