Why come!

I use to do these whycomes when I first joined 360, so I think that Im going to do a few right quick.

Whycome people have attitudes at Christmas time because they have to stand in long lines? Didnt they do this last year?

Whycome when people leave a bag of their groceries, they come back in the store and say \” Maam you forgot to give me my other bags\”. And whycome I say……. \’NO…….. your hands forgot to pick them up\”! ( in such a nice way?)

Whycome I wish that I had this button I could push, so that when drivers who drive fast and reckless on the rode ack up. I could push it and make them start over from home? ( hehe)

Whycome when your phone get cut off now adays, it says this line is being check for trouble? But when we were in school, it said…. this number has been disconnected!

Whycome when we go out to eat, our food look good, but why we just gotta taste others food too? \”All I want is a little piece\”

God Bless


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