Last entry for 2006!

Whats up 360 Family? Well as for me I\’m doing good!

It\’s a new year and I\’m so looking forward to bigger and better things. I\’m looking forward to God blessing me, till I\’m on my knees saying Lord, take some of mines and let me share it with someone else. That\’s what I\’m talking about. Cup running over blessings! I\’m claiming that right now in Jesus name.

For many years now I have been saying, Oh I\’m going to lose weight, and I\’m going to start doing this. Well, I\’m not claiming any of that this year. I\’m just going to have to do the dogone thang. No need to write it, just do it. Same with my tithing. I\’m just going to have to get use to it, cause I have got to regroup in my finance area. God has really blessed me in that area for the past 4 months, and I need to start doing more with it. I\’m too ashamed to even mention how much I have gotten, because I\’ve been spending, and spending like crazy. I need a dinette set, and a living room set. I\’m going to put the one I have now in the basement to make room for something new. So that\’s in the works for me. So watch me yall, Imma have on my \”take care of business shoes\”, and things are going to be happening right in front of yall face. Lets all get it together ……….together.

God has really blessed me in the area of communicating with teens and kids. I don\’t know what it is about me, but I have a way of communicating with them, in a language they understand. When kids come through my line with their parents, they stare at me. I\’m telling yall, they do. And sometimes when I\’m working and I\’m in the zone, my facial expressions tell a different story about me, than whats really going on. In always in a good mood, so when I notice that kids are looking at me, I straighten up and say \”heyyyyyy boo how are you\”. And smiles go across their face, as if to say \”she noticed me\”. And I love it. I give them direct eye contact and I speak their language. I don\’t baby talk, I talk to them as if they are more than children, as if they are people too. So anyway……..with that said. I\’m going to chose a day where I write about parenting skills. If you have children and especially teens, maybe you can learn or ask me questions about them and some of the problems they have.

Destiny~ My teens group. We have much planned this year…if the Lord say the same! We have movie dates coming up, fund raisers in the mix, another hotel party March 24, , and a trip to Cedarpointe in Ohio the ROLLER COASTER CAPITAL OF THE WORLD! We have a lot of work ahead of us, and I will keep you all updated on that.

Well, I got some work to do right quick, but I\’ll be talking to you all. God Bless my Yahoo family. God knows I love yall!



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