*A Teacher at heart*


to the Detroit Pistons!!! Even though they lost tonight, they will WIN the series and then advance to the NBA Finals! I went to my first Piston game April 11 and I had a good time. I paid some good money for me and my daughter\’s seats. I\’m waiting for tickets to go on sale again because I gotta see my baby Shaq before he retires, and Neisha wants to see Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets. That\’s a done deal, we are there NEXT SEASON!

Today was a good day. Thank you Jesus! I believe that if you think positive you will have a positive outcome. I loss 4 pounds yeahhhhhhh Cree! For the month of June I\’m so serious that I will not be drinking any pop. This lady came through my line and told me she went down 2 pant sizes when she cut the pops out of her life. I can believe it too. Those babies can and will make you blotted!!

Since I have been reading my bible faithfully daily, I have learned a lot about myself. One day my sister told me that when people tell me something, I have to always give advice. And I was like * about to cry* what you mean? In a bad way? She said No, its just that sometimes people just want you to listen and not say anything all the time. So, I was like wow, yeah maybe that\’s true. Maybe I do, do that. When I think back on people telling me things, I do kinda give them advice. LOL So, I said God why do I do that? I find that to be true, and I\’m glad that I didn\’t take that in a bad way, because I never want to be preachy……..you know? He said to me that I am a Teacher by nature. I love to teach. I love people to get something out of everything that they are going through. I was like WOW, that\’s ME! I have to always give examples. And I hate to leave people not *getting it*. I want everybody to get the truth in everything.

Just a few weeks ago, I was working the 21 items or less lane. Even though there are 2 registered trained cashiers open, there is only one line. And when the cashier is finish, she will call NEXT. Well, I was working one of the lanes and these 2 guys walked up, I looked them both in the eye and said Sir there is only one line. Then ONE said well there are 2 registers opened. I said, I know but there is only one line for both registers. He says: but there are 2 cashiers. So, I looked at him as if to say : are you dayum dumb? I said Sir, you know how when you are waiting in line at the bank, and there are 5 tellers, but only one line? I said, well that\’s how it is here, at THIS WALMART. He got it instantly! As I was telling the story, he visualized it with a movie in his head!!!. But he still was mad because he wanted to be next!!! LOL I just laugh in my mind at people like that. They don\’t want to get it, they want it to be the way it make sense to them in their heads. He said forget it, Ill just go to another line. I was like…….. OKAY. Well, I guess that\’s the preachyness my Sister was talking about. LOL I just want people to get it, that\’s all. I want them to walk away saying to themselves…………….OH OK……….. I GET IT NOW. Lately, I have been just letting people think and do as they want when it comes to certain things.

Yesterday, this gurl came through my line, she was about my age……. She had a lot of things, mainly food. She had 2 bags of chicken. One of them had the price $5.86 on it which was WRONG, and the other didn\’t have the price at all. All I do is scan the items and pack them. So she said wait, wait what was $7.86? I pulled her things out of the bag and said: this bag of chicken wings rung up for $7.86 and the other which is the same it wrong up for $7.86 too. She said well don\’t I get it for the price on ONE OF THE BAGS FOR $5.86? And I said yes you do. But the other one doesn\’t have the wrong price/don\’t have a tag, but I have to give you the one for $7.86. She said okay that\’s cool. That was that. After she paid and I gave her the bill, she walked away looking at it. About 5 minutes later she came back for me to explain what I did, because she saw $7.86 on her bill 3 times. Yall, know this is my part right? I love for people to *get it*.

I said look

  1. I rung you up both times for 2 bags of chicken RIGHT?
  2. You stopped me and said…ma\’am what was $5.86? When I looked at the mistake I had to give you the one that had the ticket on it for the price of $5.86, but had to give you the other bag for the CORRECT price of $7.86 * it was a pricing gun error with the 5 and 7*.
  3. I took off the $7.86 right * which was the 3rd $7.86 she saw, BUT IT HAD A MINUS SIGN BEHIND IT.
  4. Then I rung her up for $5.86.

She kept saying, well why do I see $7.86 3 times? I said GURL because the third one is the one I took off, do you see this minus sign? She said yeah but what is this $5.86 down here. I\’m saying to myself……..ARE YOU FOR REAL? I said that\’s the one I had to give you for $5.86. After a few more times she finally got it, and she was happy, and I was happy that she got it.

The bible talks about Wisdom and Understanding all the time,. and that\’s what I want people to get. You don\’t have to agree, but try to understand what people are going through. I love how Jesus taught through parables. I LOVE READING THEM. I blow my nieces and nephew ears off by examples. Neisha has heard them all her life. LOL But I\’m learning not to be so preachy.

Yesterday me and Neisha was talking about the bible and how I always visualize the day that Jesus returns with his Book of Life in hand. And I told her to imagine this: You are walking up to this *huge house* and you see Jesus at the gate with this book in his hands. Then you look on the side and you see *homeboys and gurls* standing on the gate waiting to see if your name is in the book. Not only are they wanting to know are your name in the book, but they are waiting on their chance to get Jesus alone, so that they can beg him to let them in. * You know that\’s an earthly thought*. He looks for your name and he says * Nope your name is not in here, and you say. please look again. PLEASE. And he looks and says Nope your name is not in here. When I\’m telling them , they can go inside and actually feel the story and wish that their names were in this book. I tell them while you still have time, you better do whats right, trust and believe in him!!!

Well, I\’m on my way to bed, gotta work in the morning till 4. I\’m getting my brows down, and maybe see a movie.

I love you all



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