*Sorry Lord* and My Favorite Hollywood Men

I\’m here!!

I said to myself that I wasn\’t going to blog today, that I was going to chill , finish painting and read a book. But I\’m addicted to blogging as you can see.

Well the real reason why I\’m here is because after last night when I posted, I got to thinking about something. I can be selfish sometimes with myself. I like to be alone at times, I like to go to the movies alone sometimes, I like to take rides around the city alone, I like to shop alone, I like to go to the book store alone, and when people demand my time, I can act selfish.

I can\’t be that way.

Maybe people see something in me that I don\’t see. Maybe I give good advice, maybe I listen well, maybe I\’m honest and will tell them to truth, maybe I can comfort them, maybe I lead them to God, maybe that\’s my job on this earth. I will never understand why people call me for advice or need to talk to me. But one thing I do know is, God told me to pick up my phone tonight to talk to a friend. When I picked it up, she told me that her daughter *she\’s 9* dad had committed suicide and that his funeral will be this week. I felt like crying, tears were in my eyes. And here I am acting funky and stank with my gift to comfort. Everything comes from God, and I know this, and I got to regroup my self, and stop being so selfish. We talked for a long time , she said only a few people she can call and I was one of the 3. I haven\’t seen her in years. Tell me that aint God. I listened to her and she needed that. And it taught me something too. I need to be ashamed of myself. But you know what? I\’m glad she called, because none of this stuff is about Lacrease. I see that Lord.We are all here to help one another, and that\’s what I love doing.

Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed with phone calls and visits, that I\’m not getting a chance to know myself. I believe this is why I\’m feeling this way. I\’m still learning Lacrease, and who she is. But Lord, I know in the meantime, that I am to encourage the people you send my way, and not to be selfish and to myself. Thank you for telling me to answer the phone, my friend really needed me, and I got some healing out of it as well. I lost a boyfriend to suicide and I know what she\’s going through. Forgive me Lord and work on me.

Tonight, I want to say Lord, I\’m sorry, and please work on me in this area. Teach me Lord to have more patience and to understand that to be able to listen to a friend is a gift and to minister is also. I know Lord that you can take this away from me at anytime. This is who I am. Again, this is who I am!!! I need to understand that. You taught me everything I know good, and I am to share it with others. Please forgive me for being selfish. I need for you to work on me!!! In Jesus name. Amen!

Okay, lets have some fun!!

Last night and the night before me and Neisha was having our *mother daughter* talk as we do every night before going to bed. When she asked me to name all my favorite *Hollywood actors MALE*. It was so funny to do this because she knows me like a book, and she knows what I\’m attracted to as far as people and personality. So, starting tonight, and every night, I\’m going to kick this off in a blog my Top 10 male Hollywood actors and singers. This is going to be fun. I\’m going to write a brief story on why I love and admire them, and when it comes to the #1 person, I\’m going to write a full page on them. I have made a list of 5 white and 5 black.


George Clooney and Tyrese

George Clooney~ This is one fione older man! When I first saw him, I was like danggggg he SEXY. I remember a long time ago I was working at a drug store and this lady came in and was telling me that she was going to California to visit someone in her family, and that she was going to the set of E.R. I was like wow, I love George Clooney. When that lady came back from her visit, she came up to my job and gave me a photo with her and George Clooney on the set. I have that photo to this day. George, you\’re on my Top 10 List of my *Hollywood Men

Tyrese~ I will never forget that Coco Cola Commercial he did. Boy he can sing! But wait, he took the cake when he did Baby Boy. Tyrese is one of the sexiest men in the game these days. You don\’t hear gossip or anything about him. I love his role in Baby boy because it reminds me of my younger days, and I can laugh at myself. I loved him in the Four Brothers. Um um um. I love the closeness of the brothers. Did I mention how fione he is!!

Aiight, check in tomorrow for the next Set of my Favorite Hollywood Men!


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