*My Favorite Hollywood Men*

I wanted to do my Favorite Hollywood Men in a separate entry. Were getting down to the nitty gritty of this, and I also want to show some videos. Even though I have thought of more men that I won\’t post, but the #1 person will stay the same!!!

Here are my favorite men for the #3 slot.

Denzel Washington and Gene Simmons!!

Gene Simmons

I love Denzel Washington. Not only is he good looking *OOOWEEEEE* but he play the heck out of every role he\’s been in. A few of my favorite movies from him is Mo Better Blues, Malcolm X, Inside Man, and Out of Time.The song Mo Better Blues is one of my favorite scenes in the movie. I have to pop in this DVD at least once a month. My soul craves the music. He\’s also married to his beautiful wife Paulette, and I love the way he loves her. You never hear any gossip or anything about him, and that\’s really a turn on!! Denzel I love ya Bro.

Gene Simmons~ I had heard of the kiss group long time ago, but when I seen Gene Simmons out of make up. I fell in LOVE . When I found out that his first episode of Gene Simmons Family Jewels was coming on. I was front and center!!! When I saw the way he loved his gurlfriend Shannon and his kids Nick and Sophie, it made me love him even more!!! And he\’s a Virgo like me!!! LOL Even though I wish that he would marry Shannon, he loves her and respects her to the fullest. That\’s what I look at. I LOVE HIS SHOW!!! LOVE IT! Gene you\’re alright with me!

Above is one of my favorite episodes!!! Watch it.

I\’ll be back with my last 2 tomorrow before THE #1 PERSON IS REVEALED!!



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