Small talk….

Whelp, I went to my yahoo 360 account and read that it will be shutting down for good at the end of this month. I had to import all my 360 blog entries over to this site. I’m really going to miss it ova there, but I’m glad they did warn me first. So we’ll see how things turn out over here.
Yesterday Raisingurls had our first FundRaiser it was kinda cool outside, but we made $89.00 selling chips, pickles, juices, popsicles and candy bags. We still about $40.00 left to sell. We did good, and I’m so proud of the gurls. My mother, friend Gloria, Margarette all sat outside laughed and talked with the gurls. My gurls are good gurls too. Next meeting we are going to get into the real heavy stuff as far as working on the insides of ourselves. Our topic for next week will be Communication.
Im going to close for this minute, Ill be back later on tonight.

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