*One more sign God*……just one more


Don’t you just hate it when you ask God for something or someone, and when he blesses you with it, you can’t even recognize that its there? That’s how I’m feeling on a situation about me. I asked God and asked God and asked God for something and when it happened for me………. Ididnt believe it. When I asked God for signs to let me know if its true, he gave me a sign that was outta this world. If I wrote it, you’d probably come through here and tap me on the wrist………..HARD! Then that wasn’t enough for me, then he showed me another sign and another and another and another. Here it is 3 years later, and TODAY I GOT IT!!!

I get so upset with myself for letting this pass me. I trust God and I know he’s true to me. But why can’t I just believe that this happened, that it really is true. Why do I still want God to show me, better yet, I wish he would come from Heaven and say………. YES ITS TRUE. I just need God to say it out of his mouth, in a dream, or write it down on paper, I won’t tell anyone. Just tell me God is it true? Just one more sign Lord, one more.



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