Homeless people and giving more


Whats up people!!! I know someone is reading these blogs Im hitting 5-9 a day. I miss yahoo 360, where I had almost 20,000 hits for 3 years. I enjoy when people read my blog entries I hope that they learn something from my experiences.

A few days ago I was downtown sitting in my car when this guy walking on the other side of the steet went in the garbage and pulled out a hamburger. My mouth was wide open. So I watched him as he walked down the street waiting for the right time to eat it. No sooner than I thought he threw out the bread and ate the meat inside. I instantly burst out crying. My momma was in the car with me as we watch I didnt want her to see me crying. As she was talking about how God don’t like when we waste food, I was sitting there telling my tears they better clear up, she looked over at me from the passnegers side and wiped my eyes. That killed me to see that. Caught me so off guard. This guy wasnt old either, he appeared to be younger than I am. This is why its important for me to *Feed the Homeless for Thanksgiving*. I cant stand to eat good with my family and friends, and there are people starving and hungary. It spoils my appetite just knowing this. Lets reach out and give more.


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