Imagine Me 5 ( My Story)



Praise God for a new day. Thank you Jesus for loving me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

 I woke up this morning looking RUFF! Eyes, face, just everything out-of-place for me. But that’s alright, that’s alright, this is the Wilderness, and its suppose to be this way.

Today, I decided that I was going to put on some clothes and  get my nails and brows done. My nail tech wasnt in, but his wife did my brows. That’s a start to getting myself back together.



My dad called and asked me if I could take him to the grocery store. I know too that was God.  We never got alone all while I was growing up, and once I got older and wasnt in his home, it kinda got easy to the point that I didn’t want to see him as often. Me and my dad are so much alike, seems like the older he gets the BETTER we get alone. I was happy to be in his presence today. Oh goodness. I’m about to cry ……



He went into the grocery store, but I sat in the car. I listened to my “breakthrough” songs, My Story, and Imagine Me. When I looked over and saw this  couple about to cross the street with their 2 young children. As they approached the curb, the dad reached down and picked up his son. He was a big boy, but still his dad picked him up. As they got to the other side, I was looking to see if he would put him down, because he was out of harms way. But he didn’t…… he kept him on his hip and disappeared down the block. Thats how God is with me/us. He picks us up and carries us, and even when he COULD put us down because we are out of harms way…….. he still carries us……. I bust out crying. I couldn’t stop crying today as I sat in the car thinking about this whole thing. I’m so blessed! Thank you Jesus!



Ever since I was a young gurl, I knew I was different. I knew it. But I didn’t know in what way. I use to spend whole Summers on the punishment, upstairs in my HOT bedroom.  While all the other kids were outside playing, I was in my room. Thats where I learned about God . I would read the bible day in and day out.  I would pray for Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding everyday. Ahhh, bless my young heart! Not knowing what came with it. I was never popular in High School. When I started working, people would always come to me for advice. I would cook, and invite my gurls over and we would have gurls night, and chat about our issues. They loved that. No matter if you were my friend or not, if you were wrong I would tell you, and I think thats what people loved about me.



But as I got in my 20’s people would start to drain me. Wanting to be over my house all day and night just to talk. If my phone wasnt ringing, and my couch wasnt full, I was somewhere talking to someone trying to help them get their lives in order. All while they were all draining me Spiritually.




God keep telling me all through my years of living,….. La’Crease where you are going………… everybody can’t ride. I understand you are nice, you are kind, but everybody can’t ride in the same car as you. Okay, I’m about to cry again……. I never understood that. To this day, I keep hearing it. I still hear it. Where am I going? I so want to know. I know that I am supposed to pass through the lives of others, but not to sit there to long. I get caught up in their lives and have to do this and that with them. All of that is okay, but I can’t sit too long. I find myself getting idle and that’s not good. I made up my mind to ride solo. God has my undivided attention this way at all times. People drain me, and I am on the move again. I have to be. I don’t want another whopping like this one. LOL Before all this. I had just written a blog entry on this called Geesh. All of this is Confirmation for me.



I’m going back to the Detroit River on Tuesday ( my off day). And I want all God has for me. I want to hear everything. I just can’t believe how much I have learned just by “clearing my mind”.


Lord, Im feeling something in my stomach right now. Just as I wrote “clearing my mind”. Make this clear to me. What is this? Wow this is deep. Gotta go. OMG!!








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