Imagine Me 10 ( Moving On)

Today was a good day. Thank you Jesus for such a wonderful day. All week on-line ( except Wednesday) I’ve been watching LIVE on-line TD Jakes and his guest speakers each night. The first night was Bishop Paul Morton, Sheryl Brady, TD Jakes, and Noel Jones. Talking about fiyah! OO weeee. I watched all but Sheryl. I was at my nieces Graduation Ceremony. Last Sunday, my Pastor spoke on the same lines as Sheryl did. I hate I didn’t get to see all of her sermon. I’ve been doing good on my Tithing….. I’m happy that I have been doing the right thing just as God told me. It will be 2 months come next Thursday. FAITHFULLY!


I went back down to the  River yesterday………. Ah, it was so peaceful.



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