Lord, I won’t run

Thank you Lord for answering my prayers. When you spoke to me a few weeks ago, and told me not to worry, because worrying would take from what I was doing at that time. A peace came over me, and I let it go. Today, you answered my prayers. Thank you Jesus.

This morning I had to be at work @ 7 am. But last night I went to bed around 1, but couldn’t sleep at all. I laid on the couch and all of a sudden God started bringing back things to my remembrance. Things that he showed me before they happened starting back in April. It was so much, I laid there shaking. How could I put this far back into my mind like that? I guess what didn’t make sense then, I put in my “file” mentally. Now that it makes sense, I remember everything. God, I promise I’m not going to run. No matter what you show me. Just give me a little at a time. No, give me what you know I can handle. I wont run.

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