Dancing Santa * love him*

Okay, why haven’t I started Christmas Shopping yet? After I leave my job, I don’t feel like looking at another line!! I’m going to give out money this year. I can’t do it. My mind can’t go through the hustle and bussle of people and their ” forgetting we had Christmas last year” selves. If you come last minute shopping 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 days before, then you should know you’re not the only person, you will meet and greet like minded people. LOL So, take a chill pill people and relax……. your turn at the registers are coming.


Here is a video of this guy who dances on the busy intersections in the summer and winter. He is so cool. He may be a little slow, but that’s okay………. he brings me joy and so many others. The news did a story on him last night and I missed it!!! He is very famous around the eastside of Detroit. He loves Chris Brown and he loves to dance. One day, I paid him to do this one dance that I love to see him do. Im so happy he made it to YOUTUBE.


I read some of the comments and a few are mean. This goes to show you, that people rather Judge than to enjoy entertainment. How many people are willing to entertain others in the cold, and heat dancing? People miss the beauty of this man. Its so sad. I Thank God for everything. I am so grateful and I look to see God in all things.


See ya!


Check him out!!!!



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