More in 2011

Hey Everybody!!!!
I know its been a minute since I’ve written. So, so, so, so, much has made me happy since then. Let me say this, get somewhere and just begin to Praise God for all that he has done for you. Sit down and think back on stuff you had forgotten about and Thank him. I do that a lot when I’m lying in the bed, I just love how he brings back to remembrance  things I have forgotten.
 I  will take the time to Thank all the wonderful people who read my blogs here @ wordpress, and take the time to write me, call me, send me DM’s and texts. I didn’t realize how much I really inspire people through my writings. God has really shown me a lot over the last 8 months. And I promise to blog more. I promise to make more time, because really I have a lot to say. I’m going to work on balancing my time, even if I have to schedule things in my planner. So again, I Thank you all, and you will hear more from me in 2011.
~new level~

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