Vents, truths, and personal thangs….

Hey Good People!!
I know its been a minute since I’ve written. I’m 43 years old and I’m still tryna figure out this thing called LIFE. LOL
This past Saturday 2/26, me and my cousin Gus planned for all the cousins to get together and go out to dinner. We never, ever, ever, ever get a chance to see or talk to each other. But since FB, we all have really drawn close. So we all met at Applebees for dinner, it was 34 of us! Praise God!!!! I sat at a table of 10 with my sisters and other cousins, all of a sudden my sister and cousin started talking about how I use to do them back in the day ( lol), how I wouldn’t want to be bothered with them, and when they came over my house, I wouldn’t answer my door for them and they knew I was there. I remember that time so clear. They had just left for a minute, and I made up in my mind that when they come I wouldn’t open the door. These 2 heffas TOOK THE DOOR off the hinges and came in. LOL They were thinking something had happened in that short time, I didn’t feel like being bothered ( don’t know why at the time). They were MADDDDDD AT ME! LOL Thing is, I feel so bad for treating them like that, and whenever we get together, they always bring it up. OOOOOOO that burns me up. LOL They have plenty of stories on me, I was a MEAN, HONERY SOMETHING, SOMETHING back in the day. Matter of fact, a whole lot of my friends have stories on me, and I am so not like that now, that I hate to hear those old stories. They seem eager to tell ALL that THEY REMEMBER. Now, I do have some funny ones with my friend Gloria, but those were less than 10 years ago. My sister and my cousin stories go wayyyyy back. I wish I knew how to deal with it, more so than “look crazy” in the face when its bought up. I’m really laid back now that I’m in my 40’s, I just don’t wanna hear that mess LOL. I noticed though, people LOVE to bring back old memories, especially if it will make you cringe, while they look like “good fellas”. They say your past will stare you in the face. Boy, I tell you. LOL
Since, I can remember I am the one who will/can plan, movie outings, game night, restaurant day, house gatherings, pool night, you name it. I’m not creative at all. I cant match a pair of pants with a shirt, LOL but Imma bad sister when it comes to details of the gathering, day, keeping in touch with people through emails, phone and in person. I will gather a strong person to help me and then I carry out whatever it is to be done. I write down everything I need and expect from people involved, I am VERY serious about details. But I have one problem…. there is always someone  CLOSE to you who seem to always want to change YOUR plans on YOUR EVENT. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind when someone says…… well what about this, and what about that? That’s fine, but don’t GET THE HELL MADD CAUSE IM NOT DOING IT YOUR WAY!!! That’s why I’m the visionary. If you want to put together a function, then do it. Ill be there, I will help you, I wont confuse you with how LaCrease would do it. Everybody want to be the “plant manager” on your function but they expect for you to “have a seat” when your at their function. And that’s one thing about me, I know how to take a back seat. I LOVE to be invited to a function and all I have to do is show up,  SIT MY CHUBBY BUTT DOWN  and get my laugh on!! LOL You aint said nothing but a word boo. I don’t want to manage nothing I’m invited too. I wanna sit, sip and chill! * blank state*…..(then smile.)
I’m about to get real serious right now. I had a lot on my mind when I was doing to Valentines Day Care Packages for the homeless, and I really wasn’t doing all that I know I could do. So, I put the money aside and said Lord, okay help me to buy the things that’s on the list. Finally, I went and bought enough spaghetti  strings and meat for 30 ppl  to have nice size plates. When it came time to cook it my family and friends were saying that 1 1/2 HUGE packs of meat was enough. But I kept saying…. naw I don’t think so. Am I really over doing it? They agreed. But came time to serve, we ran out of food and had to make the rest of the hamburger. I wasn’t mad or anything at all, its just that I asked God to help me with the specifics of HOW MUCH TO BUY AND MAKE, cause he KNOWS I hate to NOT have enough. Then turn around listen to others and have to end up making more. That kinda bothered me because I know God told me to make them both, and so my good friend Gloria grabbed the spatula and started making the rest of the spaghetti for me while I rest (((hugs)))). I learned to follow the Lord on my plans. Im not listening to anyone anymore about how I go about my functions. They are successful because the vision is clear, and when I start to listen to others and allow others to change the plans, then I get frustrated. That ended Valentines Day.
This past Saturday we were out at our family function things were moving smooth. Family was coming in the door, we had room for 32 ppl, 2 sat at the bar. Then out of the blue walking in the door this person close to me, comes to me saying, since we all cant sit together we can go to my house. I said gurl naw, we are here and this is where we will stay……… tension was in the air.  Who cared!! I didn’t. Flash back to Valentines Day…… I’m straight. This is my view, okay its 18 ppl here now, so we just up and leave, go to your house and say FORGET the other 16 people who are on the way in a MICHIGAN SNOW STORM……. In the words of Sheree  from* Atlanta’s Housewife*…. I don’t thank so.
So right now in my life, I’m learning to stick with the vision. If others want to plan a function that’s cool, DO YOUR OWN THANG, but as for me, I’m doing things my way. Now, me and my cousin are about to plan a huge gathering at my Sisters home April 16. 2011. Her basement alone can hold 1 million ppl seem like. LOL And it has a fire place, so you know its huge!!! Gotta decide on a few things,  then we are planning a family picnic for the summer. But first, MY  GURLS GROUP RAISINGURLS TO WOMEN starts May 1, 2011. I’m so excited about that. My babies, some new, some old will all meet up again. Gotta go straight in teacher mode for this one. We have lots of work to do. So right now, my hands are tied, I don’t even see myself slowing down. God is teaching me a lot of things about people, and how things work. Its scary aint gonna lie, so many different emotions. Somebody gotta do it…….. God chose me.

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