Out of order kids these days…

Thank you Lord for all the blessings, for all the talks and the dreams that you give to me. Thank you.
When I was raising Neisha, I didn’t let her get away with any smart mouth comments. My momma didn’t play that, so I said that when I had kids, they wouldn’t talk back to me either. At my job, I hear so many smart mouthed kids, kids who just come up in the store and take the hell ova!!! I’m just not understanding the parents these days. How could you let a child that just got to the world 4-5 years ago and terrorize you? I just can’t get with that. I dunno how my facial expression turn out, but there is no fake ness or phoniness about me when I see this kinda behavior. It eats me up inside, then these are the same kids that grow up, rob, steal, and kill OUR family members.
When kids come through my line with their parents who are no younger than 6 and they don’t speak when I speak to them, the parents get embarrassed and say, ” Oh she just woke up” then laugh with that fake laugh. Ok, and, I don’t care if they just woke up from a Coma, make them speak to an adult. I know some kids are taught not to speak to strangers, and I would never talk to a child while the parent is not around, because of strangers. But those are the same parents that allow their kids to be “quiet” even in their presence, but as soon as they need help, they’ll be FORCED to come out of their comfort zone and open those same “quiet mouths” for help. Parents let these kids get away with too much and I dunno if they’re scared of them, or they just don’t want to discipline them. This one lady who comes in all the time with her bad azz kids, at least 4 or 5 of them. These kids dog her so bad, that its sickening  to even watch her go through the drama. Last week, the store was jammed packed, the kids were running through the store, screaming and fighting their MOTHER. She told her one daughter who was about  8 years old to stop hitting her. This chile was hitting her momma, screaming so loud, making all kinds of scenes. Her mom said to her, “don’t hit me anymore”, this little heffa got mad, ran up to her momma DROPPED KICKED HER, AND HIT HER SO HARD, you can hear the whole store in a UP ROAR. I stopped and stared at them for so long with my mouth wide open. I could feel my body getting hot all over, I got an instant headache, I couldn’t even focus. LOL I was mentally making all kinds of “tear that azz up videos” in my mind. I wanted to get a hold of that lil gurl and then the momma for allowing  all of us to watch how her own daughter act a dangole FOOL in the store. If that was Neisha, back in the day, I would have turned that whole front end OUT!! Walmart would have at least had to shut down for 2 hours. I kinda feel bad for the lady, because we all know she can hurt the little gurl, but she don’t know how to be a good mom, and she cant understand why her daughter acts this way. Man, kids are out of order these days.
I found out as a parent, that kids come into this world knowing NOTHING!!! Not one single thing ( only to eat and use it). Everything they do, they’re taught, and when  parents are raising a child they only do what they are allowed to do. Kids test you to see what they can get away with. As an adult you can stop yourself from acting up, as a child, you can go higher and higher, and higher, and if there is no consequences, these kids can become a menace to society. These are the   kids who will never be satisfied. All I can say, is if you get down on your child while they are young, you can teach them the right way to go, if you punish them and spank them while they’re young, they won’t die. Just make sure you stay consistent.
 15 To discipline a child produces wisdom,
but a mother is disgraced by an undisciplined child. Proverbs 29:15

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