Inside the *crazy* Mind of Ms. Walker #1 ( La’Crease)

At 44, its funny that all of my gurlfriends have fake names. Mines is Lisa. I only use it when I meet a guy who I’m not feeling. Still to this day, I use it. One day this guy came through my line and asked me my name…..why did I say Lisa… forgetting that my name badge was on. LOL SMH

I have a word for everyone who shops.

When a cashier is ringing up your items, take the time to look up and see for yourself what you owe. Yes, she will tell you the amount…. no problem it is her job….but at some point when you have to ask 4 times, you have to want to look up. I’m not being mean, but sometimes we get so use to others telling us the time ( wear a watch), picking up money when it falls ( do it for others too), opening the door to the store ( let someone else walk in first and YOU hold the door). People think just because you’re punched in and on the clock, you’re suppose to THINK for them all day until you punch out. And I say this….. do for yourself while you can, because Lord forbid if you get into a car accident you can’t do anything for yourself. Those people who are helping you will remember that when you were in position to help yourself…. you didn’t, because you relied on others to do everything. And at some point you’re going to feel bad ( if you care).

When I go to bed at night, I try to get as much sleep as I can, so that when I go to work, I can have enough “brain juice” to function with. Now I will share 30% with others who choose not to use theirs. But dang boo, when I’m entering that 7th hour at work, and you’re asking me simple questions like “are these all my bags”,or “where are my bags” when the spinner is right there and you can clearly see for yourself, you GOTTA HELP ME……HELP YOU. Or when they ask “where is the bathroom” when its right in your face. At some point in the day… my “brain juice” will get low…. I won’t allow NOBODY to use up mines while they still have theirs.Im a teacher first, I will show you how to do things for ya self. LOL LOL Are you serious? Then at the end of the day when its time for me to go home, I’m tired, talking crazy, and missing my exit off the freeway cause people asking stupid questions and expecting me to answer them…..leaving me with 1% of “brain juice” to get home on. LOL Nah. Now I don’t mind sharing( helping you cause you don’t want to think on your own), but if mines is used up, and you still have some left that’s not right. * blank stare*. So people please use your heads on simple stuff. Don’t come right in the door and ask…..where is your soap? What kinda stuff is that? I’m in this huge store pointing in directions we both cant see. Then that’s another % of my “brain juice” gone. LOL Sigh….

So…. Thursday we got a bonus!!! I paid some bills, put some aside for Christmas gifts, and then I bought me a very nice laptop. I have a desk top for my home office, but I like to write in different places. Being in my office all the time does something to my thinking process, so now I can go to the river, or downtown to write. But the issue is… I feel bad that I bought myself something when its this close to Christmas. I feel as if I should have spent it on Christmas gifts.I need to get out of that space where I feel bad for buying myself stuff. So….. today when my sister came over….. I hid it.After she left, I kept asking myself why did you do that? Why did you do that Cree?   So the next time my sister(s) come over, I’m not hiding my stuff. But check this out, my sister tells me TODAY while she was over, that this week she’s buying a NEW car. So why the hell am I hiding stuff? SMH @ myself. LOL I LOVE MY SISTERS AND BROTHER SO MUCH!!!!! 🙂

Oh well, time for bed….. Jan-July Feeding the Homeless projects going down!!!!

Inside the *crazy* Mind of Ms. Walker

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  1. / Greetings! This is my first cmmoent here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I really enjoy reading your posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same topics? Thanks!


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