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Whats up people with the attitudes during the Christmas Holiday? You know and I know how long the longs are, and we are all trying to buy what we want and get out of dodge. Man… was several fights and countless arguments at my store this season. LOL A few of them was funny. I was ringing up customers and laughing at the same time today. I couldn’t stop, I kept having laughing out burst. LOL Everybody is so sensitive. The part that trips me out is, these people KNOW what its like during this season. They know there are no good parking spaces, they know the aisle are going to be crowded, they know toys will be hard to find, they know people don’t move or say excuse me. LOL Still they act is if its their first Christmas and they don’t know what to expect. I laugh and I have nothing to say…LOL

What is going on with our kids today? Why are these parents letting them get away with smart mouths? I use to tell my Sister all the time, when you let your kids walk around the store while you shop, or let them “express” themselves, when they are older you can’t get them to shut their mouths. I hate to see my sister going head up with my nephew, I don’t care how grown he is, I will say something.  Call me the whopping momma, but theygurltheycallcree don’t play with kids. As a parent, you must say what you need to say, let them know you are not mad, you’re not holding anger, and let them go on by their business. Don’t sit there and preach, then turn around and ask them how they feel, or what do they think about the situation. Hell its over. I’m done. Then as they get older, they will start to feel that they must tell you how they feel, and guess what? When they were kids it was “cute”, but when they are 17 and 18 it comes out totally different . MY thing is this, everybody gets a turn to “be grown”…  its MY TURN. And when your turn comes, you be grown to YOUR kids. Right now, I’m the “plant manager” aint nobody gon out talk me in MY house, on MY subject. *hard stare…lips almost to the side*.

Just today at work this Chinese couple was at the register paying for their things,  when their daughter who was no older than 5 starting screaming and crying acting a dayum fool cause she wanted something and couldn’t have it. This little gurl screamed so loud, long and continuously that it didn’t make no sense. Her daddy wanted to lay her to rest, BUT the momma was like No….. then the little gurl did something that almost took me outta here mentality……she was hitting her momma, screaming, kicking. Everybody was looking, and staring, and saying everything. It was a shame how that gurl cut up in Walmart today. Had that been Neisha back in the day, I would have shut Walmart down for at least an hour. Think you’re going to embarrass me in the store, OH BABY…..WE’SSSS ABOUT TO TURN WALMARKS ( with an K) OUT!!!!! LOL But she’s a good gurl, she learned EARLY. HAHA

Which leads me to this video and topic. How do you let your kids talk back to an adult? I’m 44 years and I call ALL my coworkers Ms.  How do you disrespect an adult and you’re a kid? The mother is just as bad!!! Anyway take a look at this video, it has a LOT OF CURSING IN IT, (beware) BUT IT HAPPENED AND ITS REAL LIFE.  I am LOVING THE END RESULTS! The kids didn’t die, but they did learn a lesson (hopefully). Take a look

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  1. This was just mace….but next time somebody could kill them all, shoot them, fight them or anything., You cannot talk to people any kind of way. Especially if they parent is present. If she does it, then her kids will too, and this is the end result. People watch what you say, you cant say anything to anybody. LESSON LEARNED!!


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