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When I was coming up my momma always taught me/us to have our own. My mom would borrow sugar, floor from our neighbors back in the day, but our neighbor borrowed way more, and my momma would say, always have your own stuff so that you won’t have to borrow from anyone. It was good information to know, but when I got on my own for the first time, shooo, seems like I always needed something. I would borrow money from my friends, and no telling what else. But now that I have grown up…. I enjoy being the Lender.

A friend came to me last week and told me about someone I know, and for me to talk to this person because they are always asking others for  things that are suppose to have. I haven’t talked with this person yet, but I will this week. I guess what I’m writing to say is…  work towards having your own. There is nothing like having your own car, money, house, job, personal needs, and anything else that you need to have and get by.

People are willing to help you more if you are known for helping yourself. After a while people will start to look at you as a person who always want something, and it will start to look as if you feel someone owes you ….and they don’t! When you have your own things it puts you in position to be a blessing to to others, instead of always looking for someone to bless you. When people realize that you are a MISUSER, you will look up and see that no one is there for you, and you will be force to learn the hard way.

One day (1995) my friend Gloria asked me if she could see my purse calender to check a date, she was horrified to see all of her check dates and other dates that she received money on, was checked off on my calender. We laughed for years about it, but she cut me off from borrowing money because she realized that since I knew her check days, I was asking her for money on those days. And even though I always paid her back, my days of borrowing from her was cut short. I MISUSED her. I’m finding that a lot of people do this to each other, they don’t want to do whats necessary to keep themselves supplied so that they can have their own. They find it easier to just borrow. But I’m here to tell you, your “Credit” with folks will wear out, and you will be on your own. Only borrow from others when its truly necessary, and God will soften their hearts for you, so that you won’t go without.

There will be times, places, things that you will have to sit out on, and that’s okay. Don’t feel that its a must that you do everything you want, but because you want it, you have to borrow. Learn to sit some things out. When you borrow, pay it when you say you can, and if you can’t CALL THAT PERSON, don’t text, or send a message by someone else. Keep your good credit up with folks so that when you really need something, they will see it in your eyes, and in your speech, and in your heart, and God will lay it on them to help you. When you have your OWN, you are NOW in position to  HELP OTHERS. That’s the biggest picture that God wants us to get.

Photo above is of my personal bag I carry to work with me daily, I have everything I need to start my day. If I need to borrow anything from a coworker….. I’m good for it, because I’m known for having my own, and paying up on the day that I say I will.

Below is a Video of me riding home ( I love to drive) from picking up a donation for the Homeless last month.  Listening to Karen Clark-Sheard and Kierra Sheard. I love THIS SONG!! Be Blessed.

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