Temptation…*don’t do it Cree*

CHARSRINGToday was a great day. A day of PEACE in my apartment. I won’t see my boo anymore until Friday, which gives me time to write, and decide what I’m going to do with our friendship. If I decide to part ways with him, its going to be really sad for me because I enjoy being around him, he makes me laugh. I guess the reason why this is on my mind so tuff is because its hard for me to like someone. He is the first person that I’ve liked in years. I meet a lot of men, but either I’m not attracted to them, like they are to me, maybe its the baggage or the lifestyle.I dunno.


I met this guy about 2 weeks ago. I was standing in line at a gas station. When this guy walked in….. LOL He opened the door  and looked at me like I was his wife. I smiled at him because he was good looking, had personality like myself, tall dark, handsome. He could NOT stop looking at me, it made me laugh in my mind because I know how I feel when someone catch my eye, I can’t stop staring, and I can STARE. He said to me, hey pretty when you finish come back here and keep me company while I heat up my food. I looked at him like…… heat your food up. He kept talking to me while I was in line, so after I finished paying for my gas, he made sure I came back to the microwave. He’s a truck driver and he stops there at his favorite gas station to heat up his lunch. We talked and laugh, I LOVE TO TALK JUNK * not sexual* we were going back and forth. So, I hand him my phone number, as I gave it to him, I looked down and spotted his WEDDING RING! I said “you’re married?” I said um um I can’t talk to you? He said “we can just be friends!” You know men love to run that line. It was so hard, but I turned around and walked towards the door. He said No, please, SO YOURE TELLING ME I WONT EVER SEE YOU AGAIN? I said YES… you have someone, I’m not going to get to know you, while you’re married!!!!!! He was sick when I walked out of the door. It was hard too. My mom was in the truck, so as I pumped the gas, I couldn’t stop laughing in my mind, and how he kept saying…. “So I won’t ever see you again”? I said NOPE!!!


No sooner than I got in the truck,PUMPED MY GAS, he came out of no where, and said wait wait… He opened my car door and I looked at him like……. ARE YOU SERIOUS? He said hi moms, talking to my mother, he said I’m going to call you, saying lets be friends. He called, and when he told me who his wife was I WAS TRIPPING, She’s the daughter of a FAMOUS FAMOUS GOSPEL SINGER. That was our last conversation. I told him, we aren’t even going to get to know each other AT ALL PERIOD. I’m glad that he got the hint, and if he ever called again I wouldn’t answer my phone. Temptation is deep!!!


He claim he just wanted to talk and be friends.But that’s how cheating starts right? Being friends!! I would be so offended if my HUSBAND was going around meeting NEW WOMEN but at the same time attracted to her. That’s opening the door to cheating…and all types of sin. I’m NOT doing that. I know what I want. I know what I’m looking for in a man, and I’m not spending ANY of my singleness with MARRIED MEN. I don’t waste my time like that.


Women do the same thing!!

In other news……I’m excited about seeing TYLER PERRY’S MOVIE TEMPTATION NEXT WEEKEND! ME AND MY GURLS ARE DOING IT BIG AS WE SHUT DOWN THE MJR VANDYKE. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some TYLER PERRY! SO, we will support him next weekend. If you are reading this…. DO THE SAME!



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