I remember * in my 30’s* Cree’s Blog Entry

ImageI remember standing around at work talking to coworkers about the men in our lives, when I came to the COMPLETE conclusion that I was done *I had been practicing it for 2 years prior * having sex until I was married. I was fed up with listening to stories day after day, and no one was being proposed too, no one was getting married, no one was in a serious relationship. We were just women fulfilling our sexual desires and thoughts, without a husband in site. That day it hit me, I was done….. no SEX until marriage. And its been that way for 12 years. And I’m loving it!




I remember sitting in a Coney Island drive thru with my sister at 2 am in the morning. I had left my then 13 year old daughter at home sleep. When a man walked up on my driver side of the car, put a shot gun up to my head and robbed me. Once the car in front of me realize what was happening, they left, by me being so close to that car, I didn’t have the room to pull off. Thank God my sister had her wallet and threw it out of the window, he picked it up took off walking and we took off in the car. There was absolutely nothing in that wallet, not one thing, had he opened it before he grabbed it off the ground… I probably wouldn’t be here. That day was a Blessing for me. It allowed me to see the world in a different light. I am completely aware of my surroundings AT ALL TIMES. I am smart about where I shop, get gas, park my car, neighborhoods I visit. When I’m walking in public, I’m completely quiet so that I am aware of all things around me. If I’m out of the house with my sisters or something, I may come in late…. but I make no stops. If I’m home and want something from the store, I won’t go out after 9 at all. I hate the fact that I was robbed, but God knew I was too trusting, and really this has been one of the greatest lessons to come from this awful incident.




I remember coming home from the grocery store with lots of popsicles to pass out to the children in the neighborhood. After they got use to me doing this, I enjoyed looking at their faces, when I KNEW they wanted to ask me did I have any in the freezer. LOL Kids are so funny




I remember finding myself being in Love with a man who went back to his wife. Since then I have remained Celibate. I promise God that I will never LOVE in that way again…. and I mean it. Today he is my BEST MALE FRIEND FOREVER. I love him in a different way, the way God meant for it to be in the first place. I was the one who helped him get over that marriage when it finally ended. Now they’re Best Friends.





Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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