Temptation…….. Cree’s Blog Entry

ImageUmm…. sitting up here watching Tyler Perry’s Temptation. It’s causing me to think about my own self.
Yesterday I was talking to someone, ….we always talk. I guess I was feeling “some kinda way”, (((and didn’t know it))) in the middle of his conversation.. I started looking at his lips, and his body, and I guess my eyes started dilating. LOL AND HE SAW IT!!! He stopped and said… ” look at you lushing”. Just then I snapped out of it. I was actually in the middle of a mental movie. So EMBARRASSED. Its really something how men can see this in a woman, when we really don’t realize our eyes are telling our thoughts. This man has a gurlfriend, I don’t look at him that way. And even though he’s sexy and attractive, I could NEVER see myself with him, in any kind of way. But my point is…. we have to be careful not to act on this “some kinda way” emotions. I’m glad he caught me, cause I probably would have been GONE!!!! LOL LOL
He said you have some pretty eyes, when a man look into your eyes he can never get away with LYING… because you give good eye contact. So true. But see he does too, and that’s why he was able to stop my thoughts. Whew….be careful ladies and men…. when your mind get to wondering, you can end up in a sexual relationship.. when you know good and full well…. its not suppose to be that way. Watch yourself, and pay attention to the conversation and not the body. Don’t find yourself in trouble, by having a wondering eye.
Be Blessed
Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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