Great Movie….. Cree’s Blog Entry

ImageI went to the movies today to see The Butler. That was a GREAT movie, so inspiring, so uplifting. My heat gauge was a little high in the beginning, but it went way down. LOL Oprah did a GOOD JOB…. it was good to see her on the screen. She was funny, fast, and so real life. She stole the show. Forrest Whitaker , I just love him, and Jane Fonda looked just like Nancy Reagan. I’m going to stop here, in case people haven’t seen it yet.. OH MY GOODNESS IT WAS SO GOOD.
I’m happy that Lee Daniels used his name in front of this movie. People get mad and offended when filmmaker do that. But it was a time when black people couldn’t even be on their own ALBUM COVER. I hope David Talbert do the same in “Baggage Claim”.




Okay, was going to chit chat…. but I am so sleepy, guess I have to watch Sweetie Pies and Fix my Life tomorrow…. I’m cross sided.. (((look at my eye.. told yall)))




Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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