My Virgo Friend, Married Men….Cree’s Blog Entry

creefaceI was just going through the papers in my file cabinet and I wrote a love story about 15 years ago. I’m reading it now and its so interesting how I came up with it. I realized that in my story I used so many things that was real life to me at that time. For instance my family and friends, things that happened that I totally forgot was added in the story. Different people I knew… I even forgot about them. LOL So as a writer, I see and know for my self that a lot of movies, and books people write have something to do with their own personal experiences, people they know, places and events that actually happened. Wow…. so it inspired me to start another LOVE STORY as I type this. It just flows out of my head… yeah I’m such a nerd while everyone is out enjoying the summer, I find myself reading and writing all day, just as I did as a child. Well, at least I have that option… I can jump in my van and go anywhere I want….. but this… I CHOOSE.

So, I made friends with my Virgo friend who lives in the building. I guess he seen that yeah… I was nice…yeah I did share a lot…. and yeah I have teeth too…. that bite. I can tell he missed me. I missed his crazy self too. Whew that man knows he love to debate…. and strong minded whew…. but I’m a VIRGO too…. and I can go just as hard. But that’s not who I want to be. He called me, and we talked. He told me that he found him two housekeepers who come cook and clean for him…. Yeaaaaa…. cause <SHE> aint the one. I understand that he needed it, and that’s all good….. but I’m NOT <HER>…… at all. I’m trying to do <ME>…. my daughter is grown, living on her own.. and making good money for herself.

So, I have this other friend….I met him about 10 years ago. We dated, at first I liked him, but I just wasn’t attracted to him. When I like a man, I like to visualize being with him… not so much as sexual. But when he’s not around… I like to think about him, and try to remember his scent, his kisses. With this guy I just wasn’t feeling him in this way. He really liked me, and I liked him as a friend and so it didn’t work out. We were never sexually involved, we did communicate a lot, but I wasn’t feeling him that way. Well one day after several years had passed, when I was working at Walmart, he came through my line and looked at me REAL MEAN and said…..” I’m getting married” then walked OUT. LOL I was like OKKKKKKK. * laughs a little*. Aint gon lie… did leave me feeling some kinda way. Not so much as…. dang… I wish it was me…. but I wonder what was behind him telling me about it this way?

I was happy for him, but then after several years, he started calling me wanting to talk about how he and his wife separated. I listened to him, we were friends and I was happy for him. When someone is not your type, and you cant see yourself with them….I feel its okay to talk every now and then, as long as the conversation never becomes sexual. He introduced me to her, and we were cool. One day he came up to my job, when he saw me, I guess he had flash backs I don’t know. He’s about 6’5. as I reached up to hug him, he grabbed both of my booty cheeks and squeezed them. I was sooooooooooooooooo mad, and sooooooooo embarrassed. He kept apologized 1000 times saying he was sorry, and that he couldn’t help it. OMG I was ON FIRE!!! At my job? A Virgo? He’s married? That’s one thang you don’t do….. is embarrass a VIRGO. I said to him… its going to be a LONG time before you see me again… I hope your hands are happy boo.

I made good on that promise. YEARS AND YEARS LATER.. LOL One day recently he text me out of the blue. He tells me that he and his wife is fine and that they are together… and you know me…. I’m happy for him. Very good. Praise God. The conversation is going so good…. then he sends several photos of himself wrapped in a towel. Disrespectful to the 100th power. I came to the conclusion that we can’t be friends at all period. He doesn’t know how to act. He cant help it.. okay I get it. But you will not DISRESPECT your WIFE…. and dam sure not ME. I never responded. He kept apologizing as he always does.

The point I’m TRYING to make is………. women stop settling for these types of men. Don’t let these kinds of men creep into your household, and make you apart of him. A person who has a WIFE… family, and you on the side. I realize that as long as I’m his “friend” I am apart of his BS…. mentally speaking. And I don’t even like him like that….. I KNOW better than this. Then last week, he got on Facebook, showing photos of him and his wife plus kids at Universal Studios. Which he has EVERY RIGHT to do. Married women do the same thing…. always keeping that “friend” on the side… yea she may really be JUST a friend…. but when it because a sexual conversation… someone took it to another level. LEAVE THAT ALONE!

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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