Cree’s Rants….Crees Blog Entry

Cree's Rants....Crees Blog Entry

I have to start a new series called Cree’s Rants. I have too, people are so funny to me and so this is a way for me to put it all on the table. GOOD OR BAD.

So, how do you see 4-5-6- people standing around, waiting to be served at the deli, you * black woman* waltz up out- of- the -blue… and when the lady says “May I help the next person”…. how do you open your mouth and tell this woman your order? Now I know my facial expression can get a little “confrontational” so I have to fall back a little but…. I said Um ummm, they were next * a couple*, and then ME. She was like “O… OKAY” * in a real nice LOW voice*. And I’m saying to myself… how do you waltz up to the counter … SEE PEOPLE STANDING THERE…. and place your order?

Kelly Price. Her behavior from R&B Divas……. UNACCEPTABLE!!! She can get on the radio and in blogs all day and talk about how they edited the show……. but she doesn’t understand that we don’t care about editing……we saw what she said, and we heard what she said. Now if you let the producers geek you up to say or do whatever…… AND YOU DO IT…. you’s a FOOL and you need to be mad at yo’self. How does an “already” established…. person of interest, and a person who already has a name for herself allow ANY—-BODY to come up in their life and let people “SUPERVISE AND PLANT MANAGE” your life in THIS way? The way she talked to FRED….UNACCEPTABLE. The way she talked to her FRIENDS….. UNACCEPTABLE. She lied, said she was busy and that her calendar “was booked up”, when it fact she did do the” not your momma monologs”. Her DIVA attitude pissed me off to no end. I will NEVER in my LIFE… dig into my purse and pull out MY money to support her in ANY way. I can deal with a lot of different behaviors and thangs, but being DISRESPECTFUL and talking down to others is a BEHAVIOUR I WILL NEVER ACCEPT……. FROM ANYONE.

Catfish!! LOL….The last show was about this black guy who had been “dating” this woman Jess on line while having a gurlfriend at home. Well when it come time to meet. Jess was really Justin a man who pretends to be women, because he has a problem with men cheating on their women. I felt bad for artis…. because he was shocked and outdone!!!! LOL I could not stop laughing, but at the same time… I was feeling bad for him. I just trying to understand…. how do you get serious with ANYONE on line when you haven’t met them face to face. I talk a lot of stuff, and there is no way that I CAN/WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MAN… without meeting him and feeling his Spirit for myself. I will talk a good game all the way up to the last hour. How can you really take someone serious…. especially if they’re not trying to meet you? I’m so happy that cant nobody see inside of my MIND…. because when it comes to emailing people, and never meeting them… never ever, ever, ever ,ever ,ever ever, take them serious. Trust me…. in someone eyes….. its strictly ENTERTAINMENT when they’re not trying to meet you.

Imma wrap up my rants…. here are a few on my favorite commercials . LOL

Kids are so funny.

Where works of the flesh exists, there is NO joy

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